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AUTHOR:  Roz Dominico
DATE:  06/30/2020

How much water should we drink?

It has been conventional wisdom for a ages that you should drink a lot of water- eight glasses is the usual figure. No one's really sure where that idea came from though. It also doesn’t help there's no recent evidence to back it up. The only real consensus seems to be, if you're thirsty, you should drink some water. It’s not a terrible axiom to follow.

At the very least, you should be drinking enough water every day that you do not show any symptoms of dehydration and that your body is functioning well. Unfortunately, there is no exact number for everyone since it varies based on your body, activity level, diet, and climate. Generally, doctors recommend that you get at least 6 cups of water daily at a minimum but most people should be drinking more than that. One easy indicator is urine. Your urine should be fairly frequent and like yellow or clear in color. Darker or smelly urine is an indicator of dehydration and usually indicated you should be drinking more water.

A lot of the water you get each day is from your food. Fruits, soups and smoothies all contain water. Beverages like coffee, tea, milk, and juices also contain water. Incorporating these along with regular additional water intake will have you well on your way to being properly hydrated. If you’re in a super warm environment, you’re likely to have the need to drink more than the person sitting in the folding chair at the North Pole. Everyone has different needs that are unique to their body's composition and activity level. You have to find out for yourself!!

Check out the infographic at the Cleveland Clinic’s web page to compare your urine! https://health.clevelandclinic.org/what-the-color-of-your-urine-says-about-you-infographic/

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