Benefits of Coloring

AUTHOR:  Karen Mayfield
DATE:  05/25/2020

Coloring isn’t just for kids!

Why Color?

Coloring can help improve your emotional and intellectual wellness by engaging your senses and partaking in a challenging yet fun activity.

There are many benefits to coloring including reducing stress and anxiety and improving motor skills, vision, sleep, and focus. It has the capability to relax the fear center of your brain by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. In addition to its relaxation benefit, it gets those creative juices flowing through color choices that will make your picture come to life.

It also makes for a great activity before bed. Instead of staring into a screen of status updates and pictures before you go to sleep-sit down and color. Having an electronic-free bedtime routine will keep your melatonin level balanced providing a much better night of sleep.

Taking the opportunity to color will require you to focus in a way that you can live in the moment.

Printable Coloring Pages

Print these out and get those crayons, colored pencils and markers moving!

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