Article Suggestion: Cryptocurrency

AUTHOR:  Wilson Bautista
DATE:  12/06/2020

These uncertain times have created opportunity for some of us to read about new possible investments.

different types of cryptocurrency.

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Ahead of the Game

Working at Walmart, while in college, the managers would tell stories about fictional people whom could have purchased 100 shares in Walmart during the 1980’s and in 2005 it would be worth 11.5 million dollars. A friend mentioned cryptocurrency to me a few weeks ago and told me to do some research...

What Is Cryptocurrency? Here’s What You Should Know

The article “What is Cryptocurrency? Here’s What You Should Know” discusses what cryptocurrency is, the different types of cryptocurrencies, why they have become more popular and much more and much more.  It will take more than just one article to understand all the details needed to invest in cryptocurrencies but this is a good start.

"In this article: 1. What is cryptocurrency? 2. How many cryptocurrencies are there? What are they worth? 3. Why are cryptocurrencies so popular? 4. Are cryptocurrencies a good investment? 5. How do I buy cryptocurrency? 6. Are cryptocurrencies legal? 7. How can I protect myself?".

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