Take the Plunge Challenge

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Looking for a challenge? Come join UB Recreation in the Alumni Arena Diving Well to attempt our “Take the Plunge” Challenge!

UB REC logo with "TAKE THE PLUNGE CHALLENGE" and a stick figure person about to jump off a high dive into splashing water.

The Challenge

The Diving Tower has 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and our highest 10-meter platforms. Warm-up on the lower heights, but to achieve all the glory, take the plunge from the 10-meter platform.

All brave Bulls who take the plunge will receive an “I Took the Plunge” silicone bracelet as well as be cemented in our Plunge Hall-of-Fame on our website.

Alumni Arena Diving Well.

The Details

Coming Spring 2023!

When: Select Saturday's from 2pm - 3:30pm throughout the semester.

Where: Alumni Arena Diving Tower

Who: Anyone with a Recreation membership

How: First come, first serve

When you show up, let the Rec Staff on-duty know you're there for the challenge. Once you take the plunge, you will receive your prize and we'll collect your information for our Plunge Hall-of-Fame.

Next Plunge Date:


Plunge Hall-of-Fame

UB REC logo with "I TOOK THE PLUNGE @ ALUMNI ARENA" and a stick figure person on a high dive above splashing water.

All the guts for all the glory! Congrats to all the brave Bulls who made it into our Plunge Hall-of-Fame.

Plunge Hall-of-Fame

Coming soon!