Reflection Room

The Reflection Room is intended for members of the University community to meditate, pray and/or otherwise spend time in quiet reflection.

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Reflection Room Guidelines

The Reflection Room is for individuals wishing to engage in structured or unstructured reflection which could include prayer, meditation, or yoga. The room may be assessed during scheduled hours.

In the interest of respect and consideration, individuals who utilize the Reflection Room must observe the following:

·       During operating hours, the room is dedicated to individuals wishing to engage in structured or unstructured reflection.

·       No organized services or scheduled recurring events are permitting.

·       Sleep or studying is not permitted in the Reflection Room.

·       Users should try to utilize the space in a quite manner.

·       Electronic devices (including but not limited to computers, cell phones, tablets, iPads) are not permitted in the Reflection Room and should be turned off or silenced before entering the space.

·       Only water is allowed in the Reflection Room. No food or other beverages are allowed.

·       Users should return the space to the original set up.

·       Room furnishings placed in the room must remain in the room.

·       UBRec is not responsible for personal belonging left in the space.

·       Users who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave the room by UBRec staff.

·       The room may be used on a first-come, first-served basis.  Different individuals may occupy the room at the same time.  Without imposing time limits, UBRec asks that individuals using the room be sensitive to the concerns and needs of others who may also wish to use the room. The primary criterion for using the room is mutual respect and consideration.

Please direct questions, comments, and concerns to

Reflection Room Spring 2023 Schedule

The Reflection Room is located at 144 Alumni Arena (yoga room)

Monday: 12-2:30 PM, 3-9 PM

Tuesday: 3-9 PM

Wednesday: 3-6 PM

Thursday: 3-9 PM

Friday: 12-9 PM

Saturday: 1-4 PM

Contact a Professional

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Jessica Nyrop

Associate Director for Fitness and Instruction


175 Alumni Arena

Phone: 716-645-2534