Academic Incomplete Policy

Undergraduate students may receive a grade of Incomplete (I). It is assigned by an instructor and indicates that additional course work is required to fulfill the requirements of a given course. For further policy and procedure information on incomplete grades, consult the Undergraduate Catalog’s Explanation of Grades and scroll down to the pertinent section called Incomplete Grades.

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What is an Incomplete (I) Grade?

A grade of incomplete (“I”) indicates that additional course work is required to fulfill the requirements of a given course. Students may only be given an “I” grade if they have a passing average in coursework that has been completed and have well-defined parameters to complete the course requirements that could result in a grade better than the default grade. An “I” grade may not be assigned to a student who did not attend the course.

Prior to the end of the semester, students must initiate the request for an “I” grade and receive the instructor’s approval. Assignment of an “I” grade is at the discretion of the instructor.

The instructor must specify a default letter grade at the time the “I” grade is submitted. A default grade is the letter grade the student will receive if no additional coursework is completed and/or a grade change form is not filed by the instructor. “I” grades must be completed within 12 months. Individual instructors may set shorter time limits for removing an incomplete than the 12-month time limit. Upon assigning an “I” grade, the instructor shall provide the student specification, in writing or by electronic mail, of the requirements to be fulfilled, and shall file a copy with the appropriate departmental office.

Students must not re-register for courses for which they have received an “I” grade.

The “I” must be changed to a grade before the degree conferral date if the student plans to graduate in that semester. At any time prior to the default date, students may elect to change the “I” grade to the default grade using the Grade Retrieval Form.

A default grade can be “B+,” “B,” “B-,” “C+,” “C,” “C-,” “D+,” “D,” or “F.” (If a student selected an S/U grading option, it will replace the default letter grade when the grade defaults.)

Applicable Dates Regarding the 12-month Provision

Courses Taken In (semester)

Will Default in 12 Months On
Fall December 31st
Spring May 31st
Summer August 31st

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