UB Recreation offers a variety of physical activity classes for academic credit.

REC Courses

Physical activity academic classes are created, instructed and organized to enhance a person's wellness. The mission of Recreation Services is to promote physical movement and wellness education through academic instruction to ensure lifelong health and well-being of students at the University at Buffalo.

At present, approximately 150 courses are offered each semester in areas such as dance, yoga, aerobic exercise, fitness and conditioning, swimming and racquet sports. In addition, courses are offered that may lend to a certification in coaching, lifeguarding and water safety instruction. Physical activity 1 and 2 credited courses are repeatable; no more than 8 credit hours of physical activity course work can count towards total credit hours required for an undergraduate Bachelor's degree conferral.

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Jessica Nyrop

Associate Director for Fitness and Instruction


175 Alumni Arena

Phone: 716-645-2534