Facility Space Requests

Ed Wright Practice Facility.

Ed Wright Practice Facility, Alumni Arena, North Campus

There are a variety of recreational facility spaces that you can reserve at UB on North and South campus, including indoor and outdoor space.

Non-Academic Event Reservations

Student groups, university departments and community groups can reserve non-academic space throughout the university.

Submit Your Request Early

Please submit your requests as early as possible for large events to allow adequate processing time. UB Recreation will review all space requests on a “first come, first served basis.” Only completed requests, which include a signature from the requesting individual, will be accepted for review.

Clark Hall Main Gym.

Main Gym, Clark Hall, South Campus

Facility Rental Spaces

North Campus

Indoor (Alumni Arena) Practice Facility (1/3)
Practice Facility (2/3)
Practice Facility (3/3)
Racquetball Courts
Outdoor Kunz Field
Kunz Track
Ellicott Tennis Courts
Ellicott Playing Field

South Campus

Indoor (Clark Hall) Main Gym (1/3)
Main Gym (2/3)
Main Gym (3/3)
Small Gym
Wrestling Room
Outdoor Intramural Sports Soccer Field
Intramural Sports Softball Field
Rotary Game Field
Rotary Practice Field

Fees will vary.

Space Request Forms

Contact a Professional

headshot of wilson bautista.

Wilson Bautista

Associate Director for Informal Recreation


175 Alumni Arena

Phone: 716-645-6874

Email: wb3@buffalo.edu

headshot of dior jackson.

Dior Jackson

Assistant Director for Informal Recreation and Clark Hall Building Manager


113 Clark Hall

Phone: 716-829-2926

Email: dmj25@buffalo.edu