1,000 LB. Challenge Recap

group photo of students who participated in the 1,000 LB. Challenge on 2/25/2023.

Published March 13, 2023

The Challenge


The 1,000 LB. Challenge is a competition open to all UB Students, Faculty, Staff and Recreation members. Elite lifters and fitness enthusiasts are encouraged to enter the competition if they can get the sum of their maximum lifts for bench press, deadlift and squat to equal 1,000 LBS. or more! Our most recent challenge was held on Saturday, February 25th from 11:30 AM - 4:30 PM in the Alumni Arena Fitness Center.

A promising day started with a bit of confusion as only 3 out of 10 confirmed participants showed up for warm-ups! Luckily, a last-minute contender, as well as a couple of friends stepped up and brought us to a total of six participants for the day. "I believe this is the best 1,000 LB. Challenge to date," Student Program Manager, Danny Ruano said with surprise and delight. In the past, this event has revolved around a very high-stakes, stressful, and competitive nature for our mostly powerlifting and strength-training participants. Danny continued, "this groups displays of comradery and overall support made for a unique atmosphere."

Daviyon Lawrence smiling and posing for a photo after earning a spot in the 1,000 LB. Challenge.

Daviyon Lawrence smiling for a photo after earning the top spot in the 1,000 LB. Challenge.

One participant, Natalie Wu, who was the first female to sign-up in the Challenge's history, learned proper technique for deadlifting and benching on the spot. Taking the opportunity to learn, while knowing she wasn't going to hit the weights to enter the 1,000 LB. Club, set her up for success in future fitness accomplishments. Another participant, who was unable to train with the barbell for months, due to injury, dominated his goal for the day. We also saw outstanding performances from Sage Romulus, Nico Hadlick, Jacob Rada, and Daviyon Lawrence.

Maxing out the bar, Lawrence, completed a 585 LB. deadlift! He also managed to earn the Top Total Weight spot in the 1,000 LB. Club with 1,400 LBS. He is also the only competitor to land on all three Top Weight categories.

New members of the 1,000 LB. Club from this competition are:

Sage Romulus with a total 1,095 LBS.

  • Bench = 295 LBS.
  • Squat = 365 LBS.
  • Deadlift = 435 LBS.

Nico Hadlick with a total 1,005 LBS.

  • Bench = 235 LBS.
  • Squat = 385 LBS.
  • Deadlift = 385 LBS.

Jacob Rada with a total 1,025 LBS.

  • Bench = 265 LBS.
  • Squat = 350 LBS.
  • Deadlift = 410 LBS.

Daviyon Lawrence with a total 1,400 LBS.

  • Bench = 315 LBS.
  • Squat = 500 LBS.
  • Deadlift = 585 LBS.

Our next challenge will take place in the fall semester, so if you think you have what it takes to join the ranks of the elite, be sure to check our website for sign-up information.