Adopt a Family

Published December 2, 2020

The PSS, in collaboration with the Office of Community Relations' university-wide initiative, is inviting you to take part in the Adopt-a-Family program.

gifts for the adopt-a-family program.

The PSS has been given 3 families for this year’s Adopt-A-Family drive! Please consider purchasing a digital gift card for the Martin, Miller, and/or Mmunga families. The wish list and description of each family is below. We hope to reduce contact for this donation process due to Erie County’s current COVID status.

Gifts for the families:
The families are looking for:

  • winter jackets/gear
  • electronics
  • toys
  • household/school supplies

We suggest digital gift cards to: Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, JCPenny, T.J. Maxx, Burlington, and Marshall’s, but you can choose another business as long as you can purchase a digital gift card online.

How to send your gift:
Please send your digital gift card by email to Dylan Steed:, UB Office of Community Relations, by Wednesday, December 16, 2020.

Identify which family (Martin, Miller, or Mmunga) your gift card is for. If you do not have a preference, kindly include in your message that your card can go to any of these families.

Also identify that you are from the PSS so Dylan knows what organization the donation is from.

The families

Martin Family: Stacia Martin-mom (winter jacket), George Martin-dad (winter jacket), Camille Hill, 20s, (Bath & Body Works), George Martin Jr., 14 (winter jacket, electronics, ear buds), Geena Martin, 11 (electronics, arts & crafts, pajamas, school supplies), and Keyonte Hill, 7 (toys, books, clothing, arts & crafts).

About this family:
This family is very involved with BUILD Community School. Mom is always seeking resources (food, clothing, etc.) to help her family. Currently they are facing some financial hardships. Mom was explaining to me that she is not able to pay her bills due to lack of employment.  They are also struggling with remote learning at home with her children, especially with her daughter Geena – who is requiring a lot of additional support. Mrs. Martin is also a grandmother – she takes care of her grandson daily, in addition to her own children. This family would be extremely grateful for any support this holiday season as they are struggling to pay for their living expenses and provide for their children.


Miller Family: Ationna Miller-mom (pajamas, silverware, dishes) and Ka’mari Miller, 3 (toys, puzzles, clothing, bedding).

About this family: 
Ms. Miller recently left Haven House (DV shelter) and signed a lease for a new apartment. Due to her unfortunate past, she does not have any of her personal identification making it difficult for her to secure employment. She is currently in the process of attaining new PID and starting her life over from scratch.


Mmunga Family: Salima Mmunga-mom, Asako Kicha, 14, Masoka Kija, 9, Junu Bisakilo, 17, Yanga Mjaliwa, 19, and Belinda Kija, 12. The entire family is requesting the same items of: snow boots, gloves, socks, hats, jeans, and school supplies.

About this family:
Asako and her family are from Tanzania. They came to the United States as refugees few years ago. She has two younger sisters and two older brothers. They live on the East side of Buffalo with their mom. Dad is not in the picture. Mom is the only one working. Asako's older brother Junno was my student last year. I remember last year in December; I was walking to the parking lot after work and saw Junno with a very light and small jacket on. It is extremely cold that day and he was waiting for the bus. The next day he did not come to school because he had fever. I looked up his address and took warm clothes and jackets for him to his house. That was the first time I went to his house and met his family. Now this year, Asako is my student in 9th grade. She is a good student. One day I asked my students how they were feeling, and she answered hungry and cold because they didn't have any food and the heat was not working. This was just few weeks ago. I then contacted the administration at my school and started collecting donations for them. There is a huge language barrier, and they have no family and friends around. The family would benefit from all the support they can get since mom is the only breadwinner with five children and it is extremely difficult for her to provide for them properly. 

We are grateful for any donation you can provide to these families! We truly appreciate your support.

If you have any questions about this drive please contact Marlo Roetzer,, or Lynn Emminger,