UB Professional Staff Senate and Faculty Senate Adopt a Joint Resolution in Support of Students Against Gun Violence

Published March 7, 2018


In a historic act of adopting a joint resolution at a special meeting of the Professional Staff Senate and Faculty Senate, PSS Vice President Tim Tryjankowski introduced a “Resolution in Support of Students Against Gun Violence” during the Shared Governance Day event on March 6. It was approved unanimously.

The resolution was inspired by a report of Student Representative on the UB Council (and PSS Executive Committee Member) Mike Brown to the Council on March 5. UB students are planning to join a national demonstration and walk out of classes at 10a.m. on March 14, 2018, for 17 minutes, to honor the victims of the recent Parkland shooting. Council member Brown requested that instructors not take punitive action against students who wish to participate in the March 14 walkout during class.

If you are an instructor, or are in a position to support instruction, please consider not penalizing any students who walk out.