Shared Governance Day 2017

Faculty and Professional Staff Senates took part in the second annual Shared Governance Day on March 7, 2017. The featured event of the day took place at 3:00pm in the Center for Tomorrow: the second historic joint session of the UB Faculty Senate and the UB Professional Staff Senate. Following the joint session, Campus Dining and Shops provided specially prepared selections from UB's food trucks, UB Big Blue and UB Little Blue. 

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.  

Chairs of the Faculty Senate and Professional Staff Senate with the presenters.  

Chairs of the Faculty Senate and Professional Staff Senate, Dr. Philip L. Glick and Domenic J. Licata. 

Virginia Horvath, SUNY Fredonia President

Sharon Cramer, SUNY Faculty Senate Parliamentarian

Peter Knuepfer, SUNY Faculty Senate President via Zoom  

Tanja Aho, UB Graduate Student Association President 

Connor Arquette, UB Medical School Polity 

Sai Bidarkoti, President of the Financial Managment Association at the UB School of Management 

Chief Gerald Schoenle, UBPS Chief of Police 

Provost Charles Zukoski 

Philip L. Glick, Chair of the Faculty Senate 

Domenic J. Licata, Chair of the Professional Staff Senate