Past Commission Updates

March 24, 2010

The CAEE has been charged with identifying barriers that impede faculty success and making specific recommendations on policy and practice designed to lift these impediments so that faculty, regardless of gender/race/ethnicity, can excel and flourish. Within this charge, the work to be done has been divided into five topics. The topics are:

  • advancement,
  • mentoring and work-life balance support,
  • path to tenure,
  • recruitment,
  • tenure review process.

The CAEE has created committees to work on each of these topics. A description of the issues to be explored within each topic and the committee membership is provided below. All CAEE members are mindful of the overlap and synergy between the topics into which the task is broken.

Responding to the charge, each committee will address the following three tasks for each topic:

  • Summarize relevant scholarship and successful peer models that support accomplishments of all UB faculty,
  • Identify barriers that impede faculty success, this includes an analysis of resources;
  • Make specific policy and practice recommendations designed to lift identified barriers so that faculty, regardless of gender/race/ethnicity, can excel and flourish.

The committees are in the process of gathering and analyzing data, reviewing the related literature on the state of knowledge or practice, and reviewing information from leading institutions. The Provost has insured that all necessary data and information required for the CAEE to complete their charge is provided.

To date, full CAEE meetings have been used to organize and begin work on this important task. Future meetings will be used to deliberate the findings and recommendations of the committees. Products developed will be consensus reports of the full CAEE membership. Reports on discrete and complete pieces of our analysis, along with associated policy and/or practice recommendations, will be presented to the Provost as we arrive at agreement on each of them. Completed reports will be posted on the web site.

CAEE Committee Descriptions and Members


The “Advancement” committee will examine the path to full professor, as well as excellence, and leadership positions at the University at Buffalo. The committee will also examine retention issues. Their work will include: the examination of data to understand the variation in time taken for various demographic groups to advance from associate to full professorship across units; assessing data on faculty retention; mapping the current pattern of diversity, or lack thereof, in leadership positions; examining whether selection bias exists in current practices across units; and, delineating the distribution of SUNY Distinguished Professors across decanal units with specific attention to advancement of women and minority scholars.

Members: Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen (Chair); Diane Christian; Carine Mardorossian; Lois Weis.

Mentoring and Work-life Balance Support

This committee has developed a draft Provostal (university wide) mentoring policy with suggestions for implementation. After making the revisions requested by CAEE members, the policy has been submitted for final CAEE approval. Once approved, it will be submitted to the Provost for approval and implementation. We expect to have members of the CAEE asked to help with advising and implementation. The second phase of the committee’s work will examine work-life issues. We are developing a list of issues, concerns, associated research needs, and approaches. Strategies for developing recommendations for policy and practice will follow.

Members: Joe Gardella (Chair), Robert Adelman, Andrea Markels, Marilyn Morris, Athena Mutua, Laura Taddeo