UB Alumni Association Achievement Awards

Published March 28, 2014

Congratulations to all of tonight’s distinguished honorees! This has been a most enjoyable evening of celebration.

It is a delight and honor for UB to recognize the great work and many accomplishments of tonight’s honorees.

With these awards, we celebrate the tremendous impact each of you has had on UB and our larger communities—both locally and globally.

We are proud of the remarkable achievements and contributions of our alumni and university friends.

From the business world to the sciences and education, your accomplishments are clear, tangible examples to our students of the influence they can have on the world around them. 

As a public research university, UB is deeply engaged in its communities in Western New York and around the world. 

Each of you embodies UB’s mission of serving the greater public good through our ideas, our innovations, and our engagement.

Your actions and dedication to improving the communities in which we live serve as a reminder to us all of the powerful and broad impact of this commitment.

Our entire UB community is proud of your achievements and contributions. 

You are an inspiration to all of us as we continue to realize our bold vision to build on our excellence and deepen our impact as a premier public research university.

On behalf of the entire university community, congratulations to all of our honorees!  And sincerest thanks to all of our alumni and university friends for the outstanding example of leadership and dedication that you provide to our UB community.