Archived Announcements and Letters

Nancy Wells' wide-ranging acumen, international experience, and strong record of fundraising success make her a remarkable addition to UB's leadership team.
Laura Hubbard brings exceptional expertise and deep knowledge of the research university environment to this key post.
New provost will be a key partner in UB's ongoing transformation into one of the nation's premier public research universities.
New director has the ideal expertise and vision to lead UB's athletics program to new heights
On behalf of the entire University at Buffalo community, I want to take a moment to express our heartfelt sympathies for all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  This includes our students, faculty, alumni and our friends at our sister institutions.
Commencement season offers an opportunity to reflect on the innovation and impact of UB's students, past and present.
Warde Manuel’s selection to lead one of the nation’s top Division I programs reflects the national reputation he has achieved through his outstanding leadership at UB.
We all have a role in ensuring a safe, secure campus environment for our students, employees, and visitors.
UB remembers Wilson Greatbatch, distinguished alumnus and inventor of the implantable cardiac pacemaker.
UB remembers Wilson Greatbatch, distinguished alumnus and inventor of the implantable cardiac pacemaker.
UB's week-long inaugural celebration showcased the excellence and promise of the entire university community.
The pioneering NYSUNY 2020 legislation gives us the tools we need to advance the next phase of the UB 2020 plan for academic excellence.
Earlier today, we had the opportunity to present our university’s proposal in response to the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant program introduced by Governor Cuomo and Chancellor Zimpher.
Yesterday, Governor Cuomo and Chancellor Zimpher announced the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant program, a new initiative that gives UB and the other three SUNY University Centers an opportunity to propose projects that strengthen our university academic programs and support economic vitality in our communities.
Earlier today, I had the great honor of accepting the appointment by the State University of New York Board of Trustees as the University at Buffalo’s 15th president.