Reapplicants DO NOT come through the full Committee process a second time UNLESS they first came through the Committee as an Early Assurance applicant or EOPIM candidate.

The application to request an addendum is now closed. The application will open in late May.

Please review our informational video about the process for Prehealth Committee Reapplicants, read this full page, and then see a Prehealth Advisor to answer any additional questions you may have. 

Reapplication Policies

  • To guarantee that your new letter packet is submitted in time with the current applicants (end of July), ALL materials (including the addendum application, new/updated recommendations, reapplicant fee, release forms, etc.) must be received by June 30. All others after that will be completed and submitted in the order that they come in.
  • Addendum applications must be submitted no later than August 15 and new/updated recommendation letters must be received by September 1. Release forms and reapplicant fees must also be submitted by September 1
  • If it has been more than five years since you originally came through the Committee process, we are unable to provide an addendum for you. It would be a disservice to your application to use materials that are dated beyond five years. Please contact a Prehealth Advisor so we can discuss your options and see how we are able to best support you with your application. 
  • As with your original request to secure a Committee letter, the Office of Prehealth Advising and the Prehealth Committee retains the right to contact the Office of Student Conduct and Advocacy to run a disciplinary review on you, as well as to contact the Office of Academic Integrity for any issues such as plagiarism or cheating, if you request an addendum or update to your original Committee letter.

Reapplicant Requirements

  • Complete the Addendum Application, which provides our office with a summary of any new/continuing academic work, clinical work, research, community service, etc. 
  • Professional schools expect at least some updated or new letters as part of a re-applicant letter packet. At least ONE letter, if not more, should be new or refreshed/updated from a previous year(s). Secure updated letters that reflect any relevant activities since the last application and arrange to have them sent to veCollect as per the directions on our Letters of Recommendation page. This way, your packet remains timely to reflect all you have done to continue to make yourself a more competitive applicant.
  • Make sure you also indicate on your application what letters from your previous packet you wish to retain. Only letters included on your application will be submitted so it needs to be accurate.
  • Complete a new release form found on our Sending Your Packet page once you have your applicant numbers/letter ID numbers.
  • Use the information provided by our office to correctly complete the evaluation section for your professional health school application.
  • Pay a $10 re-applicant fee to cover the costs of letter transmission. Within a few days after submission of your addendum application, you will be sent an email with further instructions regarding payment and access to the UB Epay system.