Personal Statement

The Committee application requires a personal statement that cannot exceed 5,000 characters, including spaces. You will address important issues about yourself, usually related to why you want to enter a particular career. This is very hard work for students and usually requires much more time than most expect. Begin this at least several months before it is due, so you will have time to revise, think and revise again. An essay writing workshop is offered each February, but don’t wait until then to get started. You can reduce the angst of completing the personal statement section if you begin the process early. Remember that it’s difficult to write well. Good personal statements are usually the result of the time-honored process: revision, revision and revision.

The Prehealth Committee Application is your practice for this very important part of your professional school application; ask your interviewer for feedback.

We strongly recommend having it reviewed by multiple sources prior to submission, including faculty, friends or relatives with strong writing skills, and other on-campus assistance, etc. We very highly recommend The Center for Excellence in Writing (17 Norton Hall) as a great resource that can help you to formulate your ideas and provide constructive feedback for a cohesive statement.

Current character limits for professional application essays are as follows:

  • AMCAS – 5,300
  • AACOMAS – 5,300
  • AADSAS – 4,500
  • OPTOMCAS – 4,500
  • CASPA – 5,000
  • VMCAS - 3,000