Prehealth Committee

The Prehealth Committee process does not represent the actual professional school application. It is a *part* of the total application packet required for admission to these schools.

For information regarding the actual applications to professional health schools, consult the websites for the central services for medical schools (allopathic – MD)osteopathic medical schools (DO)dental schoolspodiatry schools, veterinary schoolsoptometry schools, and physician assistant graduate programs.

For individual chiropractic schools, visit the prospective students page of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges site.

What is the Preprofessional (Prehealth) Committee?

The Preprofessional Health Committee is a 12-member committee comprised of individuals from the professional health schools as well as other relevant academic disciplines at UB. When you apply, the Committee prepares a letter of evaluation for you to use in the professional school application process. The letter is a comprehensive evaluation of your record in academic and other activities. All undergraduates and alumni are eligible for a letter. Transfer students with at least 30 credit hours completed at UB are also eligible.

Note: If your overall and science GPA is around a 3.5 or lower, you are required to consult with a prehealth advisor prior to applying for a Committee letter. The Committee retains the right to decline a candidate’s application to the Committee by any student with overall and science grade point averages less than a 3.5 at the time of the request.

The Committee also retains the right to decline a candidate’s application for any student who has not demonstrated a deep exploration of their chosen health profession. This is typically obtained through a clear pattern of diverse clinical shadowing, volunteering, and/or paid employment in a relevant setting over a sustained period of time. Experiences during high school are generally ineligible. 

For any questions about your application, please consult with a prehealth advisor.

The application for the letter has several parts (please review each of the parts from the list of links to the left). It is important to compile the information, particularly the individual letters of reference as early as possible.

You will need to submit a few other essential pieces of your total Committee application in person around the stated Committee deadline. When you do this, you will be asked to complete a waiver form indicating whether you waive or do not waive your right of access to your Committee letter. If you indicate that you waive your right, the Committee letter remains confidential and you may not have access to the letter. If you do not sign the waiver then you may request to review it at a later date. Requests are directed to the Director of Preprofessional Advising Services at 716-645-6013. Remember that maintaining your right to view the letter does not mean it will be changed or rewritten; it simply means that you may read it.