red car parked in parking lot.

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Zipcar is a convenient, eco-friendly way to get around on and off campus. 

About Zipcar at UB

Zipcar is a car-sharing service that lets you use a vehicle only when you need it. Whether you’re just going to the store for an hour or taking a weekend road trip, Zipcar is a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

How Zipcar Works

You can sign up for Zipcar online. Once you pay your annual fee, you can reserve a car by the hour or by the day. Your rate includes gas, insurance, a mileage allowance, reserved parking spots and roadside assistance.

Every Zipcar helps reduce the number of privately owned vehicles on the road, which means less traffic and a healthier environment for everyone.

For Students, Faculty and Staff

You can sign up for Zipcar if you are a UB student, faculty or staff member ages 18 or older. UB departments can also use Zipcar for business, using an approved university P-Card to pay for the service. Please read the Zipcar departmental account policy for more information.

Zipcar Parking

Zipcars are available 24/7 and are located in convenient spaces in high-demand areas of the North and South Campuses.

Downtown Campus Zipcar Spaces