Welcome to One World Café

Opening in spring 2022, One World Café is UB’s internationally themed dining spot and gathering place. Situated at one of the North Campus’ busiest crossroads, One World Café will offer members of the campus community a chance to share authentically prepared dishes from around the globe. But it’s more than just a restaurant. Reflective of our globally diverse community and many cultures, UB’s highly anticipated new eatery will be a testament to the university’s collective spirit of openness and inclusivity.

One World Café Timeline

timeline bar with four intervals.

Summer–Fall 2018

Focus groups and name selection

Summer 2019

Design completed

Fall 2019

Construction begins

Spring 2022

One World Café opens

Image Galleries and Videos


Preview the design of One World Café.


See One World Café take shape.

Food and Events

Celebrate major milestones with the community.

Time-lapse footage of construction of One World Cafe

Time-lapse construction video

Watch months of progress come together in almost the blink of an eye.

Time-lapse footage of contruction of One World Cafe

Concrete pour video

Crews prepare the second of One World Café’s three floors.

Town hall video

The UB community has been involved from the beginning.

By the Numbers

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       279 tons of steel

icon of tape measure and the numbers 56,000.

    56,000 square feet

icon of cement truck and the number 1,425.

  1,425 yards of concrete

icon of people with number 138.

      138 new positions

icon of noodle bowl with number 5.

   5 international food

Icon of chair with number 560.

        Seating for 560

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