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Students choose ‘One World Café’ as name of international eatery

One World Café naming contest winner, Sayre Stowell (left), poses with Ray Kohl, Scott Weber and Graham Hamill after the name was unveiled. .

From left: UB student Sayre Stowell, who submitted the winning name, poses with Tony Demola, director of operations for Campus Dining and Shops; A. Scott Weber, vice president for student life; and Graham Hammill, vice provost for educational affairs and dean of the graduate school. Photos: Douglas Levere


Published May 3, 2018

“This is truly a transformative initiative that is being designed by the UB community, for the UB community. ”
A. Scott Weber, vice president for student life

The UB student community has voted ‘One World Café’ as the new name for the university’s much-anticipated international eatery.

The winning entry was submitted by Sayre Stowell, a third-year aerospace engineering major, in response to a student-wide naming contest.

The announcement of the winner, and the second- and third-place entries, was made Tuesday by Graham Hammill, vice provost for educational affairs and dean of the graduate school, at an event in Founders Plaza courtyard, the site of the new eatery.

“When Sayre was asked what inspired him to submit this name, his answer was simple: ‘The name for an international eatery in the heart of the campus should reflect unity and diversity, just as much as the university it represents,’” Hammill told those gathered for the announcement.

The second-place entry, “World Market,” was submitted by Michael Bentz and Liping Lin. The third-place entry, “The Centre,” was submitted by Harris Bresowsky.

Hammill, who is also chair of the steering committee for the project, said it has been a pleasure to watch the initiative progress and come to life.

“This process has been truly collaborative in nature,” he said. “I extend a sincere thank you to UB leadership, our partners in Campus Dining and Shops, the Heart of the Campus committees, the Faculty Student Association Board and Cannon Design,” Hammill said.

“When it came time to develop an official name for the space, there was no question that our largest stakeholder group, our students, would be instrumental in choosing its identity,” Hammill said. “From the onset we made it a priority to include students in the process, and with that has come invaluable ideas and feedback that has helped shape this project.

“I also extend a special thank you to those individuals who could join us this afternoon. I know this is going to be great for our students,” he said.

The opening of One World Café will complete the third phase of Heart of the Campus, the UB2020 initiative to enhance the student learning experience by creating a learning landscape in the center of the academic spine.  

The renovation of Silverman Library and development of 1Capen and 1Diffendorf were the first and second phases of the initiative.

“This is an amazing special event for us today,” said A. Scott Weber, vice president for student life.

“When we cut the ribbon in 2020, a new and unique addition to the university will occupy one of the busiest crossroads on the North Campus, in the space where we’re standing right now,” Weber said.

“This phase of the project will create a ‘front door’ to the university, around and under the existing overhangs of Capen Hall and the Founders Plaza courtyard.

“This will meet the demand for expanded dining facilities among a growing campus population, while also bringing to UB an international eatery and community space where students, faculty, staff and visitors can enjoy a diverse selection of foods from around the world in a welcoming, multicultural environment,” he said.

Weber noted the design and cuisine of One World Café are based on a collaboration between the campus community and the project’s designer, Cannon Design.

“This is truly a transformative initiative that is being designed by the UB community, for the UB community,” he said.   

In welcoming remarks, Ray Kohl, marketing manager for Campus Dining and Shops (CDS), cited the significance of the collaboration between CDS and Cannon Design.

“CDS is very pleased to be working with Cannon’s world-class design team on this project,” Kohl said. “Three members of the team — all UB graduates — are here with us today: Peter McCarthy, Luke Johnson and Chris Whitcomb.

“UB is recognized for having one of the leading university culinary programs in the country,” he said. “We regularly receive input from our students, especially our Student Advisory Board — new thoughts and fresh ideas about what they like, and what sort of foods they would like to see.

“They are very interested in helping us to make good decisions, and we are excited about the possibilities and potential of this unique new addition to the university.”

Members of the UB community attending the event were offered free samples of three international foods that may be served at One World Café, including Vietnamese Summer Roll, Chicken Matar Keema and Jamaican/Caribbean Salad.

Following an initial February contest in which UB students submitted their naming suggestions, about 600 students voted in a second contest to choose the new name from among several finalists.

Stowell’s submission received 49.45 percent of the final student vote. He was awarded $500 in UB Dining Dollars.

Bentz and Liping each were awarded $200 in Dining Dollars for their second-place entry. Bresowsky received $100 in Dining Dollars for third place.


Please include a really good coffee place with coffee and tea selections of barista-quality — latte art, hand-brewed, etc. — not just commercial Starbucks/Spot/Tim Hortons. Also include a sufficient amount of comfy spaces to sit down and read, write and work on a laptop.

Martin Trebbin