Broadcast News Studio

Man speaks from chair in front of lights and camera.

UB assistant professor of political science Jacob Neiheisel completes interview in UB News Studio. Photo: Douglas Levere

The UB News Studio is equipped with VideoLink ReadyCam technology for on-demand access for live or pre-taped interviews on breaking news, critical issues or research discoveries. The studio services regional, national and international media and is available for use at all hours.

UB Faculty Experts

University experts are quickly available to provide commentary and analysis on topics in the news. To view a list of nearly 200 UB faculty experts, visit

Use of the Facility

Staffing and use of the broadcast studio is complimentary when news media interview UB faculty experts.

The studio is available to guests outside the university for a nominal fee of $200 per session*.


220 Winspear Avenue
Room 102, Service Building
University at Buffalo, South Campus
Buffalo, New York 14215

A map highlighting the studio’s on-campus location is available online:

Parking is available in a small lot adjacent to the Service Building on Rotary Road.


Douglas Sitler
Associate Director of National/International Media Relations
University Communications
Office: 716-645-9069

*Additional costs may apply. A session is approximately one hour.