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Jeehyun Lim

Associate Professor of English
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Asian American literature; migration and diaspora; bilingualism; social and cultural dimensions of the Korean War and Vietnam War

Portrait of Jeehyun Lim, University at Buffalo Asian American literature, migration and diaspora expert.

Jeehyun Lim's research interests include theories of race, ethnicity, migration and diaspora, and the role of bilingualism in literature and society at large. She is also an expert on Asian American literature and culture.

Among other topics, Lim has studied the social and cultural dimensions of Cold War-era conflicts in Asia, including the Vietnam and Korean wars. Her work has examined representations of the Korean War in American literature and visual media. She also co-edited “Looking Back on the Vietnam War: Twentieth-first Century Perspectives,” an interdisciplinary volume of essays that explore the war’s psychological, economic, artistic, political and environmental impacts.

Additionally, Lim has researched cultural aspects of bilingualism, including for her first book, “Bilingual Brokers: Race, Literature, and Language as Human Capital,” which explored bilingual personhood in Asian American and Latinx literature and social debates on bilingualism.


Jeehyun Lim, PhD
Associate Professor of English
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences