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Claire E. Cameron

Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education


Early childhood education, childhood development, educational psychology, classroom management

Head shot of Claire E. Cameron, University at Buffalo early childhood education and child development expert.

Claire E. Cameron. Credit: Mary C. Mitchell

Claire E. Cameron is an expert in early childhood education. As an educational psychologist, she is interested in how children learn, and how adults can assist in this process.

Her research addresses how children ages 3 to 8 develop school readiness skills such as managing behavior and navigating classroom environments. Cameron is best known for her work on the Head-Toes-Knees-Shoulders task, a game-like assessment of executive function and behavioral self-regulation for children that has been translated into over 20 languages.  She also created the Motor Skills Rating Scale (MSRS), a teacher-report survey of children’s motor skills in the classroom.

She is interested in finding ways to make scientific knowledge about school readiness more accessible to the public. She leads a research lab at UB called SPEC, or the Science of Public Engagement and Communication, and is a founding member of BACCA Literary, a writer’s group.


Claire E. Cameron, PhD
Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education