2019 Survey Results

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Overall Satisfaction

Below were suggestions you made in our 2019 survey; our responses follow in bold.

60 percent of almost 200 responses rated the 2019 convention, host city local events, and hotel and convention center positively.

  • "I want to give feedback while the convention is underway.” We heard you. NeMLA is securing a new app that will allow our survey questions to be shared during the convention, will include polls to be taken during sessions, and will allow session chair to organize their own surveys.
  • “When I look at the convention schedule, I want to be able to read session descriptions, not just their titles.” Our new mobile app will also have this feature.
  • “Let us vote for the next venue.” Absolutely. Please fill out the next survey to tell us about your priorities.
  • “How can I find session descriptions online?” Visit cfplist.com/nemla, and look for improvements we are making to our web site and new mobile app for easier navigation. 
  • “Stop saying the convention is in DC--it affects my reimbursement.” We are sorry for the confusion. Our host institution, Georgetown University, was based out of Washington, DC, which led to such a promotion in our official materials. Moving forward, we will always list the specific city where the convention is held.
  • “How can I offer input on local events held at the convention’s host city?” Our upcoming local events survey asks which cultural events you would like NeMLA to sponsor, including discounts on museums and theatrical shows. Look for it on our website soon.
  • “How can I learn the differences between session types?” These are outlined on our website.
  • “I want to share travel costs with other members. How can I find a list of people attending NeMLA?” Visit our Room and Ride forum.
  • “Why weren’t there as many exhibitors at the 50th Anniversary Convention?” We work hard to secure exhibitors for NeMLA, and we never know ahead of time the budgetary and travel restrictions preventing their attendance on a given year. However, we are expanding opportunities for exhibitors to participate at our annual convention and to increase interactions between attendees and exhibitors, including exhibitor-sponsored workshops.
  • “I live outside the United States. Why does NeMLA charge a foreign mailing fee for Modern Language Studies?” Modern Language Studies is part of our organization’s intellectual mission, and our Letter to the Editor explains why this fee is vital for the continued success of both NeMLA and MLS.
  • “Winter weather affects how easy it is to arrive in the host city. Why can’t the convention be hosted in late March or early April?” We schedule conventions as late in the year as possible, depending on the prices available for the convention site. We do our best to balance hotel costs with scheduling in the winter and spring. 
  • “Please don’t host session tracks during breakfast, lunch breaks, and coffee breaks.” We include breaks between the sessions already, and breakfast starts before the first track of sessions. The NeMLA Board will discuss ways to better suit our members’ schedules at our board meeting on November 2.
  • “Please don’t hold sessions late into the day on Sunday.” We strive to conclude the convention with our annual Sunday membership brunch, and we will avoid scheduling sessions for Sunday afternoon.
  • “Why are there two sessions on the same topic at the same time?” Our scheduling tool is designed to prevent simultaneous session topics. If you see two overlapping sessions when the schedule is made available, please email us at support@nemla.org.
  • “Why wasn’t there enough room during certain events for seating?” We were excited to have such large attendance at our special events at the Gaylord National, and we will make sure to increase seating available at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.
  • “I have a complaint about chairs and presenters not following the guidelines regarding the format and length of presentations.” Please email support@nemla.org as soon as problems arise. NeMLA will do more to inform chairs and presenters of their responsibilities to ensure successful sessions. 
  • “Please set a clearer deadline when abstract submitters must accept or decline invitations to multiple sessions.” We are improving the database functionality to help with this process.
  • “Some sessions did not have enough time for Q&A.” We will work with chairs to remind them to ensure time for Q&A.
  • “Why did hotel staff interrupt our session to set up for the next one?” We will work closely with the Boston Marriott Copley Place to avoid interruptions during sessions.
  • “How can I offer feedback in person about the convention as it is going on?” Our Thursday morning Board meeting is open to all members, and we welcome feedback at evening receptions and networking events and the Sunday membership brunch. Please feel free to contact the executive director directly at cmardoro@buffalo.edu as well.
  • “I have a complaint about a NeMLA staff member.” Should a staff member lead to a negative experience while at NeMLA, please email the Executive Director. We pride ourselves in being the friendliest convention, and we will do all we can to create a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • “Could the registration desk remain open later on the first day of the convention for those who want to attend the evening Opening Event?” We are exploring options to enhance our registration schedule. If our registration desk is closed, please find one of our NeMLA staff members at our special events for assistance.
  • “I don’t feel comfortable dropping off my feedback form with NeMLA staff members, as I want to be anonymous.” We will make sure a drop-off box is available to collect your feedback forms anonymously.
  • “I want to speak directly with NeMLA staff on site.” Please visit NeMLA staff at our registration desk, and they will put you into contact with the person best suited to solve your problem.
  • “The convention hotel was too expensive.” We want NeMLA to be as accessible as possible to as many scholars from around the world. Therefore, our upcoming survey will ask for your input about which considerations, including price, should take priority when choosing host cities and hotels. 
  • “Please list the language in which a presentation will be given.” Moving forward, we will make sure presentations given in languages other than English are listed as such.
  • “Please add a line to name badges for pronouns, social media handles, and additional affiliations.” We are in the process of making this happen.
  • “Why does food run out so quickly at the receptions?” We are sorry that NeMLA’s budget prevents us from feeding every convention attendee. At best, we can only provide limited hors d’oeuvres and not full meals.
  • “How will NeMLA respond to recent visa restrictions preventing scholars from some foreign nations from attending the annual convention?” NeMLA has made an exception to allow scholars who cannot attend due to visa restrictions to give their presentation over webcam.
  • “I am auditing the convention. Do I receive a badge and a convention program?” Yes.
  • “Will NeMLA add a Disability and Accessibility Committee?” Topics related to disability and accessibility can be directed to NeMLA’s Board Member-at-Large for Diversity. If you are interested in NeMLA forming a Disability and Accessibility Committee, please email a proposal to the Executive Director.
  • “I have an idea for a special event I’d like to organize.” We welcome proposals and volunteers for new events to host at NeMLA. Please email us at support@nemla.org.
  • “Some areas seem under-represented.” NeMLA works hard to ensure as many areas are represented fairly. However, much of that depends on which sessions our members submit. The board adds sessions in under-represented areas but again, these sessions’ success depends on the abstracts submitted. If there is a gap you identify in our schedule, please consider submitting a session proposal in the area for our next convention.
  • “How can I get involved with NeMLA?” Join our Board of Directors, or email to volunteer at our Convention Registration Desk. And speak with our Board Directors at the convention: you can find them at our networking event and receptions by the “Board of Directors” ribbons on their name badges. Finally, the Executive Director likes nothing better than to hear from NeMLA members.

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback.