Art Exhibit: Piera Benetti

Thursday March 7 - Sunday March 10 | Exhibit Hall

NeMLA will feature an art exhibition by Italian artist Piera Benetti throughout the convention. Her works will be shown in the Exhibit Hall for the duration of the convention as well as in sessions.

Artwork by Piera Benetti, featuring colorful paper shapes and paint in blue, pink, white, yellow, and black.

Piera Benetti is an Italian artist who places at the center of her work the development of an open language, which breaks the hierarchies of vision and translates reality into color.

Having broken every hierarchy, having overcome the idea that a unitary representation of reality is so much as possible as per the lessons of the avant-garde, her works reconstruct the paths of the gaze through vast fields of color worked in tension and that convey the feeling in its complexity and simultaneity. The continuous cross-referencing between the brightly colored panels, in dialogue with each other, with the visitor and with the space, suggests the opening of perspectives that reality embodies within itself.