Call for Abstract Proposals

54th NeMLA Annual Convention

March 23-26, 2023
Niagara Falls, NY
Location: Niagara Falls Convention Center
Hotel: Sheraton at the Falls

The 2023 NeMLA conference theme is RESILIENCE, an anchor term for critical and creative work that explores how we bear up under trauma, counter ableism, redress social and racial marginalization, environmental destruction, and how we celebrate bodily, cognitive, and neurological difference, access silenced voices, recover from the pandemic, and struggle to save the humanities, and humanity itself from the maw of neoliberalism.

The Thursday opening address will be given by Tim Dean.
The Friday keynote event will be given by Anne Enright.

General Guidelines

  • Membership is not required to submit abstracts
  • Members may present on up to 2 sessions of different types (panels/seminars are considered of the same type)
  • Members cannot present the same abstract twice
  • Chairs will confirm the acceptance of abstracts by October 15
  • Please confirm your participation with chairs by accepting their invitations
  • Deadline for Registration/Membership: December  9