Past Award Winners

Amanda Lagji, Pitzer College
Waiting for Now. Postcolonial Fiction and Colonial Time (2020)

  • Honorable Mention, Syrrina Haque, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Dialogue on Partition: Literature Knows No Borders (2020)

Mary C. Foltz, Lehigh University
American Sh*t: Contemporary American Literature and Excremental Culture (2019)

Amy Paeth, University of Pennsylvania
State vs. Culture (2018)

Honorable Mention: Stephen Zimmerly, University of Indianapolis
The Sidekick Comes of Age (2018)

Regina Galasso, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Translating New York: The City's Languages in Iberian Literatures (2017)

Katie Daily-Bruckner, United States Military Academy
Who Am I With? Rejection and Disaffiliation in Twenty-First Century Immigration Narratives (2017)

No awards were granted in 2016

Ian Thomas Fleishman, University of Pennsylvania
An Aesthetics of Injury: The Narrative Wound from Baudelaire to Tarantino (2015)

Bartholomew Brinkman, Framingham State University
Poetic Modernism in the Culture of Mass Print

Lee Manion, University of Missouri
Narrating the Crusades: Loss and Recovery in Medieval and Early Modern English Literature

Colleen Kennedy-Karpat, Bilkent University
Rogues, Romance, and Race: Exoticism in French Fiction Cinema, 1930-1939

Daniel Brayton, Middlebury College
Shakespeare’s Global Ocean: Ecocriticism and the Marine Environment

Carey Kasten, Fordham University
Traditional Iconoclasm: The Auto Sacramental in Twentieth-Century Spain

Kristin J. Jacobson, Stockton College
Domestic Geographies: Neodomestic American Fiction
(now Neodomestic American Fiction details) (2009)

Erin Hurley, McGill University
National Mimesis: Figuring Performance-Nation Relations in Quebec
(now National Performance: Representing Quebec from Expo 67 to Céline Dion) (2009)

Annette Levine, Ithaca College
Cry for Me Argentina: The Performance of Trauma in the Short Narrative of Aida Bortnik, Griselda Gambaro, and Tuana Mercado

Jennifer A. Zachman, Saint Mary’s College
Playing Gender on the Contemporary Spanish Stage

Julia M. Wright, Wilfrid Laurier University
Blake, Nationalism and the Politics of Alienation

Michael West, University of Pittsburgh
Transcendental Wordplay: America’s Romantic Punsters and the Search for the Language of Nature

Elzbieta Sklodowska, Washington University in St. Louis
Testimonio hispanoamericano

Tom Peterson, University of Georgia
Paraphrase of an Imaginary Dialogue (1990)

Janet Groth, Plattsburgh State University of New York
Edmund Wilson: A Critic for Our Time

Essay Awards

2020 NeMLA Caucus Essay Awards Winners

Aoise Stratford, Cornell University
2020 CAITY Essay Award "Abortion, Infanticide, Sterilization and the Monstrous Maternal in Suzan-Lori Parks's Red Letter Plays"

Nancy Vera, University of Maryland College Park
2020 Women’s & Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award “Witches & Tricksters: Feminine Forms of Resistance in Afro-Mexican Folklore”

Ngwaba Ijeoma Ann, Federal University of Oye Ekiti
2020 Postcolonial Studies Essay Award “Re-writing the Nation: History and Re-Historicisation in Chinua Achebe’s There Was a Country and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun

W. Danielle Jones, University of Chicago
2020 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award “Kindred, Literacy, and the Body as Text”

2019 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Nancy Kang, University of Manitoba
2019 Women's and Gender Studies Essay Award “Sin Sexo: Auto-Historiography and Reproduction in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s Sor Juana’s Second Dream” 

Robert Wilson, SUNY Binghamton
2019 CAITY Essay Award "Strike Again that Sounding String: James M. Whitfield and Contrapuntal Dissonance"

Rachel Paparone, Ithaca College
2019 CAITY Essay Award "A(r)cadie heureuse? Space, Place, and Engaged Pastoral in Zachary Richard’s Feu"

Miles Osgood, Harvard University
2019 Graduate Student Essay Award "Revising Character, Revisionist History: Clarissa, Marlow, Stephen, Quentin, Bilbo"

Kate Perillo, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2019 Postcolonial Essay Studies Award "A Room Not One's Own: CLR James, Jean Rhys, and Anticolonial Imagination in the London Lodging House"

Andrea Adhara Gaytán Cuesta, Rutgers University
2019 Antonio Cao Award for "El lenguaje de la catástrofe: La imaginación sísmica en la narrativa del 19S en México"

2018 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Melissa J. Strong, Community College of Philadelphia
2018 CAITY Essay Award “Found Time: Kairos in A Visit from the Goon Squad

Ayendy Bonifacio, Ohio State University
2018 Caribbean Studies Essay Award for “¿A’ca’o Qué, Comadre?”: Border Languages, Xicanisma, and Ciudadanía in Ana Castillo’s So Far from God

Bethany Doane, Penn State
2018 Graduate Student Essay Award for “Planetary Ecohorror and Sublime Annihilation”

Molly Ferguson, Ball State University
2018 Women's and Gender Studies Essay Award for “The First Five Minutes: Teaching with Twitter in the Feminist Classroom”

Ignacio Arellano, Stony Brook University
2018 Antonio Cao Award for “‘Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda’ como texto experimental en la frontera del género”

2017 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Jessica MacEachern, Université de Montréal
2017 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Paper Prize for “Warped Visions of Time and Place: H.D. Re-Visions Sensory History”

Kate Perillo, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2017 Caribbean Studies Paper Prize for "The Speculative Caribbean: Technological Futurity in Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber and Beyond"

Amanda R. Waugh Lagji, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2017 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Prize
 for "'Now' is Here: Disillusionment and Urgency in Anita Desai's Cry, the Peacock"

Michele Martinez, Harvard University
2017 CAITY Caucus Paper Prize for “Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Picture-and-Frame Designs as Victorian Comics”

Marin E. Laufenberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2017 Antonio Cao Award for "Rafael Spregelburd’s Pánico: The Humor of Crisis Lost in Translation"

2016 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Nicole Gervasio, Columbia University
2016 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Paper Prize for “The Power of the Weak Signifier: Wordsworth Lucy in J.M. Coetzee's and Kincaid’s Decolonizing Fictions”

Stanka Radovic, University of Toronto, Mississauga
2016 Caribbean Studies Paper Prize for "'‘A Rose by Any Other Name’: Naming and Location in Caribbean Literature”

Dale Tracy, Royal Military College of Canada
2016 CAITY Caucus Paper Prize for “Observing Heroes and Shifting Stories in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas

Jeremy Colangelo, University of Western Ontario
2016 Graduate Student Caucus Paper Prize for “For the Progress of ‘Faustus and Helen’: Crane, Whitman, and the Metropolitan Progress Poem”

Gianluca Oluic, University of British Columbia
2016 Antonio Cao's Memorial Award for "Describing Countries Through Fashion: Italy and Spain”

2015 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Mary Ellen Iatropoulos, Independent Scholar
2015 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Paper Prize for "'‘Laughing and Crying Behind Her Mask’: Code-Switching and Sentimental Strategy in Fanny Fern’s Ruth Hall"

Suzi Cater, New York University
2015 Caribbean Studies Paper Prize for “Don’t Trust the Author: Suspect Texts in Édouard Glissant’s Tout-monde

Alex Miller, Independent Scholar
2015 CAITY Caucus Paper Prize for “Beyond Postmodernism: Satire and Compassion in the ‘Degraded Cosmos’ of George Saunders’s America”

Krista A. Murchison, University of Ottawa
2015 Graduate Student Caucus Paper Prize for "‘Understand from that Single Word Many’: Thirteenth-Century Women’s Vernacular Literacy and the Style of Ancrene Wisse"

2014 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Victoria Muñoz, Ohio State University
2014 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Paper Prize for “Female Translators and Their Detractors: Theories of Early Modern Translation in Development”

Honorable Mention: Kara Johnson, Northwestern University, "‘A pure young voice’: Textual Performance in the Journals of Frances & Mary Willard”

Casey Hayman, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2014 Graduate Student Caucus Paper Prize for “Hypervisible Man: Techno-Performativity and Televisual Blackness in Percival Everett’s I Am Not Sidney Poitier"

Laurie Lambert, University of California, Davis
2014 Caribbean Studies Paper Prize for “Romancing the Revolution: Black Radicalism and the Immigrant Writer in the Work of Dionne Brand”

Colin Carman, Colorado Mountain College
2014 CAITY Caucus Paper Prize for “Godwin’s Fleetwood, Shame, and the Sexuality of Feeling”

2013 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Marisa Palacios Knox, University of California, Berkeley
2013 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus and CAITY Caucus Joint Paper Prize for “Literary Nunneries: Women’s Education, Sterility and Detachment”

Nick Henry and Juliane Schicker, Pennsylvania State University
2013 Graduate Student Caucus Paper Prize for “Heimatsehnsucht: Rammstein and the Search for Cultural Identity”

2012 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Melissa A. Schaub, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
2012 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award

Patrick Maley, The College of New Jersey
2012 CAITY Caucus Essay Award

Yvonne Franke, University of Pittsburgh
2012 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award

Ann M. Mazur, University of Virginia
2012 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award Runner-up

2011 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Christopher Byrne, McGill University
2011 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award

Jessica Metzler, Cornell University
2011 GLBTQ Caucus Essay Award

Hunter Vaughan, Washington University in St. Louis
2011 CAITY Caucus Essay Award

Kristen Proehl, College of William and Mary
2011 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award

Arielle Zibrak, Boston University
2011 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award Runner-up

2010 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Daniel Moore, Queen’s College
2010 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “Mourning the Mourners: Gender Politics of Commemoration in the First World War”

Sarah Birge, Pennsylvania State University
2010 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award for “Non-cognitive Continuity: Bodily Memory, Amnesia, and Alzheimer’s Disease”

Fran Lassiter, Montgomery County Community College
2010 CAITY Caucus Essay Award for “Journey to Equality: From Maria W. Stewart to Barack Obama”

Perin Gurel, Yale University
2010 Graduate Student Caucus Honorable Mention for “Sing, O Djinn!: Memory, History, and Folklore in The Bastard of Istanbul”

Michael Parrish Lee, McGill University
2010 Graduate Student Caucus Honorable Mention for “Stuffed with Otherness: Eating and the Marriage Plot in Vanity Fair and Cranford”

2009 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Zachary Hutchins, University of North Carolina
2009 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “The Wisdom of Anne Bradstreet: Exchanging Eve’s Legacy for Elizabeth’s”

Christopher Schmidt, The Graduate Center, CUNY
2009 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award for “Warhol’s Leftovers: Waste, Recycling, and the Female Writing Machine”

Bryan Conn, Johns Hopkins University
2009 GLBTQ Caucus Essay Award for “The Terror of Love: Race and Sex in James Baldwin’s Another Country”

2008 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Catherine Keyser, University of South Carolina
2008 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “Keeping Ironic Company: Mary McCarthy and the Smart Woman in Politics.”

Wendy Pawlak
2008 GLBTQ Caucus Essay Award for “The Lonely View from the Closet: Lesbianism in The Bostonians and the Inevitable Doom of Olive Chandler”

Aaron Ritzenberg, Yale University
2008 CAITY Caucus Essay Award for “Holding on to the Sentimental in Winesburg, Ohio

2007 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Robert Azzarello
2007 Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award for “Unnatural Predators: Queer Theory Meets Environmental Studies in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Shari Evans, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
2007 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “Fortress, Haven, Home: Programmed Space, Themed Space, and the Ethics of Home in Toni Morrison’s Paradise

Lynn Johnson, Dickinson College
First runner up for the 2007 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “Traversing the Oceanic: The Garret as a Vehicle of Transport in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861)”

2006 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Jen Cadwallader, University of North Carolina
2006 Graduate Caucus Essay Award for “Spirit Photography and the Victorian Culture of Mourning”

David Jarroway
2006 GLBTQ Caucus Essay Award for “George Cukor and Filmic Collaboration: Subjective Displacement in America’s Postwar Years”

Stephanie Harzewski, University of Pennsylvania
2006 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “A New Bildungsroman: Chick Lit Authors and Their Characters”

Katsura Sako, University of Warwick
2006 CAITY Essay Award for “A. S. Byatt’s ‘Half-Resurrection’ in Possession: A Romance

2005 NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Beth Capo
2005 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “Can This Marriage Be Saved? Birth Control and Marriage in Modern American Literature”

Elizabeth Abele
First runner-up for the 2005 Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “The Open Range: Jane Smiley Reclaims the Feminine Western Tradition”

Lisa Perdigao
2005 Graduate Student Essay Award for “Dismembered Muse: Seamus Heaney’s ‘The Golden Bough,’ ‘The Cure At Troy,’ and ‘Mycenae Lookout’”

Earlier NeMLA Caucus Essay Award Winners

Ruth Bienstock Anolik, Haverford College
Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Award for “The Missing Mother: Negotiations of Motherhood in the Gothic Mode”

Catherine Golden, Skidmore College
“Late-Twentieth-Century Readers in Search of a Dickensian Heroine: Angels, Fallen Sisters, and Eccentric Women”

Michael R. Schiavi, New York Institute of Technology
Gay and Lesbian Caucus Essay Prize for “Teaching The Boys: Mart Crowley in the Millennial Classroom”

Elizabeth Fekete, Northwestern University
Graduate Student Caucus Essay Prize for “Imagined Revolution: The Female Reader and The Wide, Wide World”

Ruth Bienstock Anolik, Haverford College
Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Prize for “Appropriating the Golem, Possessing the Dybbuk: Stories of Power and Creation by Jewish-American Women”

Diane M. Garno, Wayne State University
Honorable Mention in the Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus Essay Contest for “Elevating His Mistress to a Utopian Wife: Cabt and Denise in Icaria”

Jonathan Greenberg, Princeton University
Graduate Student Caucus Essay Prize for “‘The Base Indian’ or ‘the Base Judean’?: Othello and the Metaphor of the Palimpsest in Salman Rushdie’s The Moor’s Last Sigh


  • Alexandra Brown, University of Pennsylvania, “Bit by Byte: The Speculative Fiction Writers’ Collective of Argentina & Chile”
  • Daniel Davies, University of Pennsylvania, “Theorizing Literary Empire in Les Voeux du Paon (1312) and The Parlement of the Thre Ages (c.1350-90)”
  • Lorena Garcia Barroso, Columbia University, “Language as a Weapon in Franco’s Nation-building Project”
  • Syrrina Haque, University of Lahore, “Narrative Shift from Postcolonial to Post-9/11 in Mehr Nigar Masroor’s Shadows of Time and Omar Shahid Hamid’s The Spinner’s Tale
  • Dana Khromov, University of Pennsylvania, “Estou Me Guardando Para o Carnaval Chegar: The Disappearance of Lazer
  • Valeria Meiller, Georgetown University, “Argentina, Nation of Flesh: Confronting Cattle at the Slaughterhouse (1900-1930)”
  • Jon Najarian, Boston University, “The Intermedial Era: Literary and Pictorial Narrative from Modernism to Comics”
  • Seda Öz, University of Delaware, “Politics of Remakes: The Case of Turkish Cinema”
  • Ana Isabel Simón Alegre, Adelphi University, “Social Activism and Feminism: Editing the Fiction of Concepcion Gimeno de Flaquer”
  • Nancy Vera, University of Maryland College Park, “Afro-Mexican Literature and Culture”


  • Alani Rosa Hicks-Bartlett, New York University, “Gender, Uxoricide, and Domestic Violence on the Medieval and Early Modern Stage”
  • Alley Edlebi, Cornell University, “The Idea of Earth: Matter, Art, Modernity”
  • Amy Foley, Providence College, “Moving Fictions: A Choreography of Reading”
  • Carmen Torre Perez, University of Pennsylvania, “Counterhegemonic Mestizaje on a Changing Island: Bearing Witness to Punk Culture in Cuba”
  • César Adrián Romero Fernández, University of Pittsburgh, “Bodies in Resistance: Female Artists and Activists Contesting the Racialization of Afro and Indigenous Women in Peru”
  • Ignacio D. Arellano-Torres, Stony Brook University, “Critical Edition of Jerónimo Guedeja y Quiroga’s autos sacramentales”
  • Kristin Starkowski, Princeton University, “Working-Class Modes of Characterological Novelty in the Victorian Penny Press”
  • Kurt Cavendar, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, “American Fiction and the Problem of Historical Difference”
  • Maryam Ghodrati, University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Representations of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)”
  • Moira Marquis, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, “The Dialectic of Myth: Creating Meaning in the Anthropocene”


  • Lilith Acadia, University of California, Berkeley, “Northampton Marriage: Discursively Defining Two Women’s Relationship”
  • Xavier Dapena, University of Pennsylvania, “‘Nobody Expects the Spanish Revolution’: A Series of Interviews with Graphic Novel Artists in Contemporary Spain”
  • Nathan Douglas, Indiana University Bloomington, “Facing Immanence, Facing Memory with Lolita Bosch”
  • Molly Hall, University of Rhode Island, “Dark Pastorals and Geologic Grammars in Rebecca West’s and David Jones’s Modernist War Aesthetic”
  • Almas Khan, Georgetown University, “Testimonies of Law and Literature: Charles Reznikoff’s Fused Poetic-Legal Practices”
  • Aleksandra Kudryashova, Harvard University, “‘Am I a redundant human being?’: Mela Hartwig-Spira and Austria’s Unremembered Women of German Expressionism”
  • Dipanjan Maitra, University at Buffalo, “Press Clippings at Shakespeare and Company: The Sylvia Beach Papers at Princeton”
  • Leticia Pérez Alonso, Jackson State University, “Poetry, Visual Culture and Mechanical Art: Transatlantic Vanguardism between Europe and America”
  • Anne Roehrborn, Harvard University, “Anti-Semitism Debates in Contemporary German Literature”
  • Lucas Wilson, Florida Atlantic University, “Portraits of the PostHolocaust Home in the Second-Generation Video Archive”


  • Elise Arnold-Levene, Mercy College
  • Matthew Collins, Harvard University
  • Inés Corujo-Martín, Georgetown University
  • Lucas Dietrich, Lesley University
  • Alexa Firat, Temple University
  • Carey Kasten, Fordham University
  • Brian Phillips, Jackson State University
  • Alex Ullman, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Elena Valdez, Christopher Newport University
  • Aurelie Vialette, Stony Brook University


  • Frank Capogna, Northeastern University, Department of English
  • Nancy Caronia, West Virginia University, Department of English 
  • Raji Soni, Virginia Tech, Dept. of Religion and Culture
  • Catherine Welter, University of New Hampshire, Department of English
  • Tegan Zimmerman, Okanagan College, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Fabio Battista, The Graduate Center-CUNY
  • Kurt Cavender, Brandeis University
  • Regina Galasso, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Peter Murray, Fordham University
  • Agata Szczodrak, The Graduate Center-CUNY
  • Amy Thompson, Washington University
  • Ashley Voeks, University of Texas at Austin


  • Daria Bozzato, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Elena Deanda-Camacho, Washington College
  • Erica Delsandro, Bucknell University
  • Emily Fine, Brandeis University
  • Christine Mills Jeansonne, Louisiana State University
  • Kristine Jennings, Binghamton University, SUNY
  • Candice Nicolas, Armstrong Atlantic State University
  • Mo Pareles, New York University
  • Amanda Stuckey, College of William and Mary
  • Nicole White, University of Connecticut
  • Kimberly Ziegler, New York University


  • Rocio del Aguila, University of Calgary
  • Gregory Baum, University of Chicago
  • Esther Fernández, Cornell University
  • Jessica Gordon-Burroughs, Columbia University
  • Elizabeth Marcus, Columbia University
  • Alex Mueller, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Tawnya Ravy, George Washington University
  • Brendan Regan, University of Texas, Austin
  • William Youngman, Cornell University


  • Anamaria Banu, The Catholic University of America
  • Kristen Fallica, University of Pittsburgh
  • Mary Hartson, Oakland University
  • Brais Outes-Leon, Yale University
  • Toni Pressley-Sanon, University at Buffalo
  • Beatrice Sanford Russell, Princeton University
  • Josh Schneiderman, The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Julie Shoults, University of Connecticut


  • Li Yun Alvarado, Fordham University
  • Kelly Bezio, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Eloïse Brézault, New York University
  • Claudia Cabello Hutt, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Sarah Cornish, Fordham University
  • Gregory Erickson, New York University
  • Laura Gandolfi, Princeton University
  • Jeremy Kessler, Yale University
  • Ji-hyun Philippa Kim, Syracuse University
  • Laura Lambert, New York University
  • Cory Elizabeth Nelson, Brandeis University
  • Sandeep Parmar, New York University
  • Petia Parpoulova, University of Washington
  • Jonathan Brooks Platt, University of Pittsburgh
  • Laura Redruello, Manhattan College
  • Elena Valdez, Rutgers University


  • Johannes Burgers, The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Claudia Esposito, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Cecilia Feilla, Marymount Manhattan College
  • Amina Gautier, St. Joseph’s University
  • Stefano Giannini, Syracuse University
  • Colleen Jankovic, University of Pittsburgh
  • Clare Costley King’oo, University of Connecticut
  • Lauren Klein, The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Kathryn Kleppinger, New York University
  • Enrico Minardi, Truman State University (Missouri)
  • Lauren Neefe, Stony Brook University
  • Anna María Nogar, University of New Mexico
  • Mamadou Wattara, Rutgers University
  • Grace Wetzel, University of South Carolina
  • Chantal Wright, Mount Allison University


  • Lison Baselis-Bitoun, Harvard University
  • Brooke Comer, American University in Cairo
  • Boryana Dobreva, University of Pittsburgh
  • Kathryn Gucer, Northwestern University
  • Julia Hans, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Lori Harrison-Kahan, Harvard University
  • Christopher Hogarth, Wagner College
  • Patrick Nugent, Brooklyn College
  • Sabina Perrino, The Catholic University of America
  • Jason Thomas Parker, Vanderbilt University
  • Lisa Sarti, The City University of New York
  • Alfredo Sosa-Velasco, University of Cincinnati
  • Zoe Trodd, Harvard University
  • Johanna Rossi Wagner, Rutgers University
  • Birger Van Wesenbeeck, SUNY Fredonia


  • Ellen Carillo, University of Pittsburgh
  • Ronan Crowley, University at Buffalo
  • Natalie Edwards, Wagner College
  • Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, Fordham University
  • Hernán Fontanet, Rider University
  • Christie Harner, Northwestern University
  • Carey Kasten, Fordham University
  • Kathleen LaPenta, Rutgers University
  • Dana Renga, Ohio State University
  • Karen Skinazi, University of Alberta
  • Edwige Tamalet Talbayev, University of California, San Diego
  • Jennifer Williamson, University of North Carolina


  • Laura Murphy, for the project “Irruptions of Memory: The Transatlantic Slave Trade in the Literature of West Africa”
  • Christine Rinne, for the project “Mastering the Maidservant: Dienstmadchen Fantasies in Germany and Austria, 1794-1918”
  • Zoe Trodd, for the project “The Long Juneteenth: New Slave Narratives in the Global Economy” 


  • Neil Hultgren, for the project “Melodrama, Desire, and the Spoils of Late Nineteenth-Century British Imperialism”
  • David Thiele, for research on “Vulgarians at the Gate: Status, Culture, and Adult Education in Mid-Victorian Literature”

Earlier Fellowships:

  • Christine Bayles Kortsch, University of Delaware, to conduct costume research in the UK for her study of dress-culture and social activism in late-Victorian novels
  • Jeff Johnson, Brevard Community College, to continue research on a book project currently titled “New Baltic Theatre: Western Hegemony and Cultural Relevance in Post-Soviet Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”
  • Richard Fantina, Florida International University, for his project, “Ernest Hemingway: Machismo and Masochism”
  • Jason Haslam, University of Notre Dame, for his edition of Constance Lytton’s Prisons and Prisoners: Some Personal Experiences (forthcoming from Broadview Press), and research for an online database of writings by nineteenth-century British and American prisoners
  • Barton C. Keeton, James Madison University, for his project “Deus Absconditus: Medieval Mappamundi and the Disappearing Body of God.”
  • Robert M. Kachur, Western Maryland University, for his project, “Getting the Last Word: Victorian Women and the Apocalyptic Voice.”
  • Dennis Denisoff, Ryerson University, for a study of the correlations of criminality and sexuality in nineteenth-century popular literature, and to design a web-page of Victorian pulp
  • William Alejandro Martin, McMaster University, for his project exploring literary methods for depicting trauma and shame in James, Woolf, Conrad, and Forster.
  • Robin Miskolcze, Vancouver, Canada
  • Paul Erickson, University of Pennsylvania
  • Kandace Lombart

University at Buffalo Special Collections Fellowship

2019: Taraneh Matloob Haghanikar, University of Northern Iowa

2018: Elisabeth Joyce, Edinboro University

Undergraduate Forum Award Winners


Best Use of the Conference Theme

  • “Charlotte Brontë’s Juvenilia: Interpretations of African Land and European Presence,” Caroline Lunt, Colby College
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “India’s National Identity as an ‘Imagined Community:’ Magical Realism in Midnight’s Children,” Olivia Klein, Simmons College

Best Poster Determined by NeMLA Members

  • “My Guy Pretty Like a Girl: The Impact of Nonheteronormative Hip Hop on Urban Youth Identity,” Elia Agudo, Delaware State University
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “Secondary Characters: Family Narratives between Autofiction and Memorialization,” Alejandra Mena Serranía, Brown University

Women’s & Gender Studies Caucus Most Compelling Research Award

  • “It Is Time to Stop Forgetting: The Reenactment of Women’s Trauma in Irish Literature,” Cara Mackenzie, Simmons College
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “Patriarchy and Sexual Stasis in Edna O’Brien’s The Country Girls Trilogy,” Matt Nilsen, University of Connecticut

Best Visual Presentation

  • “Dybbuks and Destruction: Explorations into a Yiddish Gothic,” Azariah Kurlantzick, Clark University
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “Intimacy, or Friendship’: Sexual Identity in Victorian Vampire Fiction,” Riley Lampert, University at Buffalo

Best Oral Presentation

  • “Understanding the Role of Social Salience in the Dialectal Convergence of U.S. Spanish,” Andrew Fleming, Wesleyan University
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “Workspaces for the Individual: Bloomsbury Rooms and American Office Design,” Ashely Fenstermaker Hunter College

Best Source Integration

  • “Oppression and Cultural Autonomy: Scalped and the Paradox of Owning Marginalization,” Chris Connors, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “Paratextual Manchuness: Translation and the (Re)Construction of Identity,” Elvin Meng, Johns Hopkins University

Best Use of Interdisciplinary

  • Zola et la Genèse de la Contagion: Women as Purveyors of Disease in Nana and Le Docteur Pascal,” Kaetlyn Arant, Amherst College
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “Language Policy and the Integration of Alliance Israélite Universelle Schools into Thracian Society,” Sophie Call, Wellesley College
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “Eugenics in the United States from the 1900s-1970s,” Jose-Romarah Chery, University at Buffalo

Best Poster Determined by the NeMLA Board

  • “Censorship and Identity in 17th-century New England and New Spain,” Amanda Judah, Boston College
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “The American Melting Pot: How Language Use on Twitter Builds the ‘--- American’ Identity,” Parker Chase, University at Buffalo

Best Poster Determined by Exhibitors

  • “Queen Elissa: The Roman Adaptation of a Carthaginian Deity,” Jake Pawlush, University at Buffalo
  • HONORABLE MENTION: “My Own Body a Banquet: Dracula and the Necromancy of Appetite,” Kit Pyne-Jaeger, Cornell University


  • Megan Conley, University of Maryland College Park
  • Leah Headley, Hendrix College
  • Alicia Maners, Harding University
  • Emma Scheve, University of Portland
  • Qingyang Zhou, University of Pennsylvania

Antonio Cao Memorial Travel Award

Edurne Beltrán de Heredia, Arizona State University, for the presentation “Identidad híbrida en la narrativa de mujeres escritoras hispanas: Marruecos y Guinea Ecuatorial” for the Feministas Unidas session “Fluid Identities in the Globalizing World" (2020)

American Antiquarian Society Award

Sharada Balachandran Orihuela
Assistant Professor of English, University of Maryland

Project: “Counterfeit Colony: Bootleg Currency and the Revolutionary Market”