Women's and Gender Studies Caucus-sponsored Speakers

Baltimore 2017: Bernadette Wegenstein, “Is There Such A Thing As A Feminist Documentary?”

Hartford 2016: Crystal Parikh, “The Unyielding Earth: Women of Color Feminism and Cold War Fictions.”  

Toronto 2015: Sara Horowitz, York University, “‘If He Knows to Make a Child...’: Integrating Gender into Holocaust Survivor Narratives”

Harrisburg 2014: Ann Jurecic, Rutgers University, “Susan Sontag’s Trouble with Memoir”

Boston 2013: Suzanne Matson, Boston College, “Writing Women’s Lives: A Fiction Reading and Discussion”

Rochester 2012: Stephanie Li, University of Rochester, “The Gospel According to Toni Morrison”

New Brunswick 2011: Sharon Jimenez, “Stand, Fight and Persevere: One Woman’s Journey Beyond Barriers”

Montreal 2010: Novelist Madeleine Monette presented selections from her recent text America is Also a Québec Novel

Boston 2009: Scholar Carole Boyce Davies (Cornell University), “Caribbean Women and the Black Radical Intellectual Tradition”

Buffalo 2008: Poet NourbeSe Philip, selections from and commentary on her remarkable poem Zong! (Wesleyan U Press, 2008). (Jointly sponsored with the CAITY Caucus)

Baltimore 2007: Novelist Elizabeth Núñez, “The Women in Shakespeare‘s The Tempest: The Perspective of a Woman Novelist”