WGSC Essay Award Winners

  • 2021: Stephanie Papa, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, “Crafting Somatic Communication: The Kinetics of Motherhood in Layli Long Soldier’s Poetry”
  • 2020: Nancy Vera, University of Maryland College Park, “Witches & Tricksters: Feminine Forms of Resistance in Afro-Mexican Folklore”
  • 2019: Nancy Kang, University of Manitoba, "Sin Sexo: Auto-Historiography and Reproduction in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s Sor Juana’s Second Dream
  • 2018: Molly Ferguson, Ball State University, "The First Five Minutes: Teaching with Twitter in the Feminist Classroom"
  • 2017: Jessica MacEachern, Université de Montréal, "Warped Visions of Time and Place: H.D. Re-Visions Sensory History"
  • 2016: Nicole Gervasio, Columbia University, "The Power of the Weak Signifier: Wordsworth Lucy in J.M. Coetzee's and Kincaid’s Decolonizing Fictions"
  • 2015: Mary Ellen Iatropoulos, Independent Scholar, "‘Laughing and Crying Behind Her Mask’: Code-Switching and Sentimental Strategy in Fanny Fern’s Ruth Hall"
  • 2014: Victoria Muñoz, Ohio State University, "Female Translators and Their Detractors: Theories of Early Modern Translation in Development"

    Honorable Mention: Kara Johnson, Northwestern University, "‘A pure young voice’: Textual Performance in the Journals of Frances & Mary Willard”
  • 2013: Marisa Palacios Knox, University of California, Berkeley, "Literary Nunneries: Women’s Education, Sterility and Detachment"
  • 2012: Melissa A. Schaub, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • 2011: Christopher Byrne, McGill University
  • 2010: Daniel Moore, Queen’s College, "Mourning the Mourners: Gender Politics of Commemoration in the First World War"
  • 2009: Zachary Hutchins, University of North Carolina, "The Wisdom of Anne Bradstreet: Exchanging Eve’s Legacy for Elizabeth’s"

    2009 GLBTQ Caucus Essay Award: Bryan Conn, Johns Hopkins University, "The Terror of Love: Race and Sex in James Baldwin’s Another Country"
  • 2008: Catherine Keyser, University of South Carolina, "Keeping Ironic Company: Mary McCarthy and the Smart Woman in Politics"

    2008 GLBTQ Caucus Essay Award: Wendy Pawlak, "The Lonely View from the Closet: Lesbianism in The Bostonians and the Inevitable Doom of Olive Chandler"
  • 2007:Shari Evans, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, "Fortress, Haven, Home: Programmed Space, Themed Space, and the Ethics of Home in Toni Morrison’s Paradise"

    Honorable Mention: Lynn Johnson, Dickinson College, "Traversing the Oceanic: The Garret as a Vehicle of Transport in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861)"
  • 2006: Stephanie Harzewski, University of Pennsylvania, "A New Bildungsroman: Chick Lit Authors and Their Characters"

    2006 GLBTQ Caucus Essay Award: David Jarroway, "George Cukor and Filmic Collaboration: Subjective Displacement in America’s Postwar Years”
  • 2005: Beth Capo, "Can This Marriage Be Saved? Birth Control and Marriage in Modern American Literature"

    Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Abele, Nassau Community College, "The Open Range: Jane Smiley Reclaims the Feminine Western Tradition"

Earlier WGSC Essay Award Winners

  • Ruth Bienstock Anolik, Haverford College, “The Missing Mother: Negotiations of Motherhood in the Gothic Mode”
  • Catherine Golden, Skidmore College, "Late-Twentieth-Century Readers in Search of a Dickensian Heroine: Angels, Fallen Sisters, and Eccentric Women"
  • Michael R. Schiavi, New York Institute of Technology, "Gay and Lesbian Caucus Essay Prize for “Teaching The Boys: Mart Crowley in the Millennial Classroom"
  • Elizabeth Fekete, Northwestern University, "Graduate Student Caucus Essay Prize for “Imagined Revolution: The Female Reader and The Wide, Wide World"
  • Ruth Bienstock Anolik, Haverford College, "Appropriating the Golem, Possessing the Dybbuk: Stories of Power and Creation by Jewish-American Women"
  • Honorable Mention: Diane M. Garno, Wayne State University, "Elevating His Mistress to a Utopian Wife: Cabt and Denise in Icaria"