NeMLA Board members Carine Mardorossian, Bill Waddell, Benjamin Railton, and Lisa Perdigao attend the annual convention. Photographer: Bailey Wright.

Photographer: Bailey Wright

As the friendliest convention in the northeastern United States and Canada, NeMLA loves to hear feedback from our close community of members and attendees! 

Want to share your experiences about attending and presenting at our annual convention? Have a story to offer about an award or fellowship you received? Have you developed your presentation into a publication, perhaps in one of our journals? Or did you have a positive experience hanging out with fellow panelists? Have you met new colleagues and friends? Have these relationships developed into collaborative projects that you have presented at later NeMLA conventions or at other conferences? 

Email us your stories and accomplishments at testimonials@nemla.org. With your permission, we'll include your story here on our site!

Job Clinic Testimonials (Due Dec 1)

NeMLA is seeking testimonials from both mentees and mentors about your experiences participating in our Job Clinic (or its precursor, the CV Clinic). Did the clinic help you in the profession? Did you have a productive appointment? Have you remained in touch since the convention? Have you collaborated on other projects? Have you found a position? Are you receiving mentorship in other aspects of professional life? We want to hear your stories! With your permission, we would like to include your testimonials on our website and in our newsletter. Please send any testimonials to Claire Sommers, Professionalization Coordinator (jobclinic@nemla.org) by December 1.