Our Mission

illustration of microbiomes magnified.

The UB Microbiome Center (UBMC) is developing better strategies for managing your health. When microbiomes are not balanced, we can suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases and oral diseases, including periodontal disease.

The UBMC brings together faculty, students and resources to study the microbiome in health and disease, enhancing our understanding of the challenges and refining our applications of the new knowledge. 

Primary Goals


To enhance research on the microbiome to achieve a deeper understanding of its role in health and disease and to identify targets for intervention.


To provide educational programs including a seminar series, symposia and courses to transfer knowledge about the microbiome to scientists; graduate, professional and undergraduate students; and the public.


To provide UB faculty, faculty from other institutions, students, industry, governmental funding agencies, foundations and the public with up-to-date information.