Micro-Credential Review Committee

The Micro-Credential Review Committee is responsible for the review of proposals for micro-credentials and digital badges.

Core Functions

The core functions of the Micro-Credential Review Committee are as follows:

  • Review incoming proposals for new micro-credentials and digital badges.
  • Provide feedback on proposals and suggestions for revisions, if necessary.
  • Provide input on the micro-credentialing initiative, including the approval, development and implementation processes.

Current Members


  • Anne Reed, Director of Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges
  • Sam Abramovich, Assistant Professor, Learning and Instruction


  • Phyllis Floro, Director, Office of Student Engagement
  • Nicholas Henshue, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Degree Programs, Social Sciences
  • Maureen Jameson, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Andrew Olewnik, Director of Experiential Learning Programs, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Ashley Regling, Scientific Workforce Specialist, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • Cynthia Tysick, Associate Librarian, University Libraries
  • Courtney J. Walsh, Assistant Dean, School of Management Executive Education, School of Management
  • Hua Wang, Associate Professor, Department of Communication