Publications and Research

Andreas Stavridis and students


Since 1987, MCEER (formerly the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research - MCEER and the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research - NCEER) has produced over 600 publications that describe the latest center research and developments on a wide variety of topics. 

MCEER publications include technical reports, workshop and conference proceedings, and special publications such as reconnaissance reports, monographs, guidelines and standards, white papers and research summaries. These publications are intended to be of interest to a wide range of readers, including academic researchers, consultants and practitioners in government and the private sector.

All publications are now available free of charge and can be downloaded via the link below. MCEER no longer prints copies of publications.


MCEER's research aims to increase the disaster resilience of buildings, bridges and other key infrastructure. For over 30 years, MCEER investigators have been developing design procedures and seismic evaluation and rehabilitation strategies for facilities and systems that society expects to be operational following an earthquake or other disaster. These investigations primarily focus on electric power systems, bridges and highways, sustainable and resilient buildings, and innovative protective technologies.