Experimental & Analytical Investigation of Seismic Response of Structures With Supplemental Fluid Viscous Dampers

M.C.Constantinou, M.D.Symans

NCEER-92-0032 | 12/21/1992 | 212 pages

Keywords: Fluid Viscous Dampers, Response Spectrum Analysis, Bracing Systems, Component Tests, Time History Analysis, Damping Devices, Ambient Temperature Dependency, Correlation Studies, and Supplemental Damping.

Abstract: This report presents the results of a study on fluid viscous dampers. A series of component tests with various dynamic inputs have been performed to determine the mechanical characteristics and frequency dependencies of the damper. In addition, temperature dependencies have been considered by varying the ambient temperature of the damper during component testing. Based on the component tests, a mathematical model has been developed to describe the macroscopic behavior of the damper. Earthquake simulation tests have been performed on one-story and three-story steel structures both with and without dampers. The addition of supplemental dampers significantly reduces the response of the structure in terms of both interstory drifts and shear forces. The experimental response has been compared with the analytical response where the mathematical model of the damper is used to develop the equations of motion. The comparisons show very good agreement.