Blast and Seismic Resistant Concrete-Filled Double Skin Tubes and Modified Steel Jacketed Bridge Columns

P. Fouche and M. Bruneau

MCEER-14-0004 | 6/30/2015 | 528 pages

Keywords: Blast, seismic, testing, composite columns, multi-hazard, retrofit, design, jacketed columns, concrete-filled steel tubes.

Abstract: This report presents the results of an analytical and experimental study on the use of Concrete-Filled Double Skin Tubes (CFDST) and Modif ed Steel Jacketed Bridge Columns (MSJBC) to provide blast and seismic resistance (from a multi-hazard perspective). First, the ability of CFDST columns to provide satisfactory seismic performance is verified by cyclic inelastic testing of quarter scaled specimens. Then, their blast resistance is investigated through two series of tests, respectively conducted at the MCEER ECLIPSE testing facility in Buffalo and at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center’s Facility in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Closed-form equations are also presented for the design of CFDST and MSJFC and to predict their response (lateral deflection and extent of denting) during blast scenarios.