Seismic Response Control of Structures Using a Novel Adaptive Passive Negative Stiffness Device

D.T.R. Pasala, A.A. Sarlis, S. Nagarajaiah, A.M. Reinhorn, M.C. Constantinou and D.P. Taylor

MCEER-13-0004 | 06/10/2013 | 172 pages

Keywords: seismic isolation; Triple FP isolator modeling; uplift, landing, rocking, bouncing, overturning, flying and contact of bearing components

Abstract: The primary focus of this research is to analyze and experimentally verify the response reduction attributes of an NSD in (a) elastic structural systems, (b) yielding systems, and (3) multistory structures. The results presented in this report demonstrate that by placing an NSD in a particular story, the superstructure above that story can be isolated from the effects of ground motion. Since the NSDs in the bottom floors will undergo large deformations, a generalized scheme to incorporate NSDs with different force deformation behavior in each story is proposed.