Seismic Design of Buried and Offshore Pipelines

M.J.O'Rourke, (Jack) X. Liu

MCEER-12-MN04 | 11/28/2012 | 380 pages

Keywords: Buried pipelines. Seismic response.  Strong ground motion.  Lifelines.  Damage.  Wave propagation.  Permanent ground deformation.  Landslides.  Lateral spreading.  Settlement.  Attenuation.  Body waves.  Surface waves.  Subsurface conditions.  Failiure modes.  Continuous pipelines.  Soil pipe interaction.  Fault motion.  Segmented pipelines.  Damage mitigation.

Abstract: This monograph reviews the behavior of buried pipeline components subject to permanent ground deformation and wave propagation hazards, as well as existing methods to quantify the response. To the extent possible and where appropriate, the review focuses on simplified procedures that can be directly used in the seismic analysis and design of buried pipeline components. System behavior of a buried pipeline network is not discussed in any great detail. Similarily, topics that are a concern for ordinary pipe in non-seismic environments but do not significantly influence seismic behavior (trench bracing requirements, backfill compaction, acceptance testing and the like) are not discussed. Where alternate approaches for analysis or design are available, attempts are made to compare the results from the different procedures. In addition, we attempt to benchmark the usefulness and relative accuracy of various approaches through comparison with available case histories. Finally, the use of the relations presented herein is illustrated with design examples. (Abstract adapted from text).