Engineering Resilience Solutions: From Earthquake Engineering to Extreme Events

MCEER-08-SP09 | 12/2008 | 54 pages

Keywords: MCEER.  Extreme events.  National Science Foundation (NSF).  Earthquake Engineering Research Centers (EERC).  National Center for Earthquake Engineering (NCEER).  Community disaster resiliency.  Multiple hazards.

Abstract: This publication was developed to celebrate the accomplishments of MCEER during its funding as part of the Earthquake Engineering Research Centers (EERC) program of the National Science Foundation (NSF).  It provides an overview of MCEER’s earthquake engineering and disaster resilience accomplishments from 1997-2007.  The research efforts, built on the solid foundation provided by the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) during its first 10 years of funding in the Civil and Mechanical Systems Division of NSF, have made a measurable impact on advancing knowledge, education, technology and industrial competitiveness of the engineering workforce and its diversity.  Collectively, the various activities of this program have contributed to preparing communities to be more resilient against earthquakes, and by extension, against multiple hazards.  Descriptions of the impacts from other MCEER research initiatives, including a significant research program funded by the Federal Highway Administration since 1992, are available on the detailed MCEER website at