Conceptual Design and Experimental Investigation of Polymer Matrix Composite Infill Panels for Seismic Retrofitting

Wooyoung Jung, Methee Chiewanichakorn and Amjad J. Aref

MCEER-06-0010 | 09/21/2006 | 350 pages

Keywords: Polymer matrix composite (PMC) materials.  Retrofitting.  Infill panel systems.  Existing structures.  Composite materials.  Material efficiency.  Construction.  Structural enhancement.  Seismic performance.  Lateral resistance.  Structural damping.  Energy dissipation.

Abstract: In this research, three prefabricated polymer matrix composite (PMC) infill panel systems for seismic retrofitting were proposed.  The PMC infill panels were studies using experimental methods to assess their effectiveness and response under simulated earthquake loading.  Applying the concept of combined interface damping layers to the proposed panel systems was found to be highly feasible in the seismic applications.  Design and fabrication procedures for each PMC infill panels were presented, and a conceptual trial design was performed using finite element analysis.  To validate the proposed systems in real situations, both monotonic- and cyclic-loading tests were performed on full-scale models.  According to the authors, the results obtained from this research showed that the systems offer the potential to increase the damping as well as the lateral resistance of steel frames, with a relatively low cost of retrofitting.  Tables, figures and references are included.