Built-up Shear Links as Energy Dissipators for Seismic Protection of Bridges

P. Dusicka, A.M. Itani and I.G. Buckle

MCEER-06-0003 | 03/15/2006 | 254 pages

Keywords: Inelastic behaviors.  Built-up shear links.  Energy dissipation.  Seismic protection.  Bridges.  Large-scale experiments.  Numerical analyses.  Deformation capacities.  Maximum resistances.  Ultimate failure modes.  Cyclic plastic deformations.  Structural performance.  Designs.

Abstract: The objective of this research was to investigate the inelastic behavior of built-up shear links through the use of large-scale experiments and detailed numerical analyses.  The purpose of the large-scale experiments was to determine the deformation capacity, maximum resistance and ultimate failure mode of built-up shear links by applying incrementally increasing cyclic plastic deformations.  Based on the results of the experimental and numerical research, built-up shear links were shown to be effective hysteretic energy dissipators.  The importance of estimating the link overstrength is illustrated and design recommendations are defined.  Illustrations, tables, and references are included.