Seismic Fragility of Suspended Ceiling Systems

H. Badillo-Almaraz, A.S. Whittaker, A.M. Reinhorn, G.P. Cimellaro

MCEER-06-0001 | 02/04/2006 | 252 pages

Keywords: Fragility methods.  Suspended ceiling systems.  Failure.  Structural performance.  Nonstructural damage.  Systematic studies.  Vulnerability.  Structural analyses.  Seismic fragility curves.  Seismic performance.  Limit states.  Performance levels.  Tiles.  Retainer clips.  Compression posts.  Grid components.

Abstract: The failure of suspended ceiling systems has been one of the most widely reported types of nonstructural damage in building structures in past earthquakes.  Despite repeated damage to such systems, there has been no systematic study of their seismic behavior beyond qualification studies for selected manufacturers.  This report reveals fragility method findings of full-scale experimental testing on an earthquake simulator of six ceiling systems.  The following variables are the basis for comparison: size and weight of tiles, use of retainer clips, use of compression posts, and physical condition of grid components.  A literature review, figures, and references are included.