The Performance-Based Design Paradigm

M. Astrella and A.S. Whittaker

MCEER-05-0011 | 12/15/2005 | 158 pages

Keywords: Performance-based designs.  Non-structural components and contents (NCC).  Designs paradigms.  Structural framing systems.  Response-history analyses.  Retrofitting.  Hospitals.  Construction.  Buckling restrained braces.  Fluid viscous dampers.  Base isolation.  Structural performance.  Drift.  Acceleration demands.  Seismic performance.

Abstract: According to this report, the principal investments in building construction are made in non-structural components and contents (NCCs), and a new and efficient performance-based design paradigm is needed to focus on these key investments.  The impact of structural framing system type on the NCC’s demands is illustrated through response-history analysis of two conventional hospital buildings located in Southern California, which represent typical 1960s-era and 1970s-era construction, and ten models of alternate (retrofit) construction.  Steel yielding devices (buckling strained braces), fluid viscous dampers, and base-isolation are considered in this study.  Tables, figures, references and appendices are included.