Development of Seismic Strengthening and Retrofit Strategies for Critical Facilities Using Engineered Cementitious Composite Materials

Keith Kesner and Sarah L. Billington

MCEER-05-0007 | 08/30/2005 | 228 pages

Keywords: Seismic strengthening.  Retrofitting.  Critical facilities.  Engineered cementitious composite (ECC) materials.  Infill panel systems.  Numerical simulations.  Precast materials.  Finite element simulations.  Energy dissipation.  Stiffness.  Bolted connections.  Reversed cyclic tests.  Structural responses.  Laboratory tests.

Abstract: This technical report describes the development of a seismic retrofit system for critical facilities that use engineered cementitious composite (ECC) materials in lieu of traditional materials.  Specifically an infill panel system was developed that utilizes the pseudo-strain hardening properties of the ECC materials.  The research consisted of a combination of laboratory and numerical studies.  Structural-scale laboratory tests were used to test the strength of the proposed bolted connections between panel members, and to evaluate the response of ECC infill panels made with various ECC materials, reinforcements and panel geometries.  To examine the infill panel concept further, additional simulations were performed using a material model for the ECC developed from reversed cyclic tests.  The simulations demonstrated the ability of the proposed ECC infill system to strengthen, stiffen and increase the energy dissipation of steel frames, without causing damage in the frames.  References, figures and tables are included.