A Versatile Experimentation Model for Study of Structures Near Collapse Applied to Seismic Evaluation of Irregular Structures

D. Kusumastuti, A.M. Reinhorn and A. Rutenberg

MCEER-05-0002 | 03/31/2005 | 280 pages

Keywords: Versatile experimentation models.  Structures.  Near collapse.  Seismic evaluations.  Irregular structures.  Seismic responses.  Versatile model.   Damage.  Analytical evaluations.  Towers.  Multistory structures.  LA16 ground motion.  Vertical load resisting systems.  Lateral load resisting systems.  Ruptures.  Computational models.

Abstract: Experience shows that buildings with irregularities are prone to severe damage from earthquakes, as observed in many past events.  This technical report presents a study of irregular structures near collapse and the development of an experimental model to study many types of structural systems in the near collapse state.  The study shows that a separation of lateral and gravity load resisting systems can produce a stable structure in cases of major damage to the lateral system, provided that redundancy exists to control lateral deformations.  Lists of illustrations and tables are included, along with an appendix and references.