Research Progress and Accomplishments: 2003-2004

Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER)

MCEER-04-SP01 | 05/01/2004 | 238 pages

Keywords: Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER).  Research accomplishments.  Seismic resilience.   Lifelines.  Strong ground motion.  Seismic hazards.  Geographic information systems (GIS).  Emergency response.  Economic effects.    Modeling.  Disaster resistant communities.  Critical facilities.   Nonstructural components.  Nonstructural systems.  Decision making process.   World Trade Center.  Emergency response networks.  Satellite imagery.  Bam, Iran earthquake, December 26, 2003.  Boumerdes, Algeria earthquake, May 21, 2003.  Damage assessment.  Earthquake engineering education.  Liquefaction.  Silty soils.

Abstract: This report offers a selection of papers chronicling technical achievements of the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research during the years 2003-2004. The 15 papers included in this volume are: 1) Progress and Accomplishments of the Center Approach in Earthquake Engineering Research; 2) Analysis and Simulation of Earthquake Strong Ground Motion for Earthquake Engineering Applications; 3) Advanced Web-based GIS Management Technology; 4) Defining and Measuring Economic Resilience to Earthquakes; 5) Restoration Modeling of Lifeline Systems; 6) Resilience of Integrated Power and Water Systems; 7) Assessing the Role of Lifeline Systems in Community Disaster Resilience; 8) Seismic Response Modification of Structural and Nonstructural Systems and Components in Acute Care Facilities; 9) Organizational Decision Making with Respect to Extreme Events: Healthcare Organizations Respond to California’s SB 1953; 10) Evolutionary Methodologies for Decision Support; 11) Networks and Resilience in the World Trade Center; 12) Application of High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery for Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment: The 2003 Boumerdes (Algeria) and Bam (Iran) Earthquakes; (13) Java-Powered Virtual Laboratories for Earthquake Engineering Education; (14) Liquefaction Mitigation in Silty Soils Using Composite Stone Columns and Dynamic Compaction; (15) New Developments in Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems.