Cyclic Testing of Braces Laterally Restrained by Steel Studs to Enhance Performance During Earthquakes

O.C. Celik, J.W. Berman and M. Bruneau

MCEER-04-0003 | 03/16/2004 | 250 pages

Keywords: Steel frames.  Bracing.  Seismic behavior.  Infills.  Steel braces.  Cold formed steel studs (CFSS).

Abstract:  This MCEER report describes an experimental investigation into the seismic behavior and efficiency of using braced steel infills for steel framed buildings.  Cold formed steel studs (CFSS), typically used in nonstructural partition walls, were studied to determine if they could be used to laterally restrain braces against buckling and thus enhance their seismic performance.  Four specimens were designed and cyclically tested and studied.  The results indicate that the CFSS members showed promise for use in new buildings or as a retrofitting technique in buildings that lack strength, lateral stiffness and ductility.  Numerous figures and black-and-white photographs appear throughout the report, along with several appendices.