Experimental Study of Seismic Isolation Systems with Emphasis on Secondary System Response and Verification of Accuracy of Dynamic Response History Analysis Methods

E.D. Wolff, M.C. Constantinou

MCEER-04-0001 | 01/16/2004 | 158 pages

Keywords: Analysis methods.  Secondary systems.  Seismic isolation.  Seismic excitation.  Dynamic response.  Dynamic analysis.  SAP2000.  3D-BASIS-ME.

Abstract: This combined experimental and analytical study provides an assessment of the validity and accuracy of analysis methods commonly used for seismically isolated structures, emphasizing secondary system response, contemporary seismic isolation systems, and strong and/or near-fault seismic excitation.  Using a six-story steel model in three configurations – flexible moment-frame, asymmetrically braced-frame and stiff braced-frame – eight isolation systems were studied.  The various experimental results were compared with analytical results obtained using the SAP2000 and 3C-BASIS-ME computer programs.  The vast database of experimental results on secondary system response provided the opportunity to assess the performance of various seismic isolation systems.