Student Research Accomplishments: 2002-2003

Edited by Ramiro Vargas and Benedikt Halldorsson

MCEER-03-SP06 | 11/15/2003 | 120 pages

Keywords: Seismic design.  Structures.  Bridges.  Nonstructural components.  Lifelines.  Damping.  Seismic isolation.  Critical facilities.  Hospitals.  Loss estimation.  Lifelines.  Water supply systems.  Electric power supply systems.

Abstract: This third issue of the Student Research Accomplishments from the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering (MCEER) features four areas of seismic design and analysis research: structures, bridges, nonstructural building components, and lifeline systems.  Papers presented include the following topics:  Cyclic Testing of Light-Gauge Steel Plate Shear Walls; Java-Powered Virtual Laboratory for Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Analysis; Response of Elastic and Inelastic Structures with Damping Systems to Near-Field and Soft-Soil Ground Motions; Advanced Time-Frequency Analysis Applications in Earthquake Engineering; Experimental and Analytical Study of Seismically Isolated Structures with Uplift Prevention; Evolutionary Power Spectrum Estimation Using Harmonic Wavelets; Seismic Response of Single Degree of Freedom Systems with Structural Fuses; Seismic Retrofit of Bridge Steel Truss Pier Anchorage Connections (Best Student Article Winner); Performance Estimates in Seismically Isolated Bridge Structures; Seismic Fragility Testing of Suspended Ceiling Systems; Seismic Behavior of Welded Hospital Piping Systems; Advanced Composite Multi-Infill Panels for Seismic Retrofitting; Seismic Performance Assessment by Fragility and Loss Estimation; Issues of Seismic Response and Retrofit for Critical Substation Equipment; Post-Earthquake Lifeline Service Restoration Modeling; Fragility Analysis of Water Supply Systems.