Proceedings of the MCEER Workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-1)

Edited by M. Shinozuka, D.J. Inman and T.D. O'Rourke

MCEER-00-0009 | 11/10/2000 | 270 pages

Keywords: Condition monitoring.  Energy dissipation devices. Soil reinforcement.  Gas distribution systems.  Water supply systems.  Accelerometers.  Damage detection.  Synthetic aperture radar.  System identification.  Bridges.  Kalman filters.  Remote sensing.  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA). Lifelines.  Geographical information systems (GIS).

Abstract: A Workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT) was held, under the sponsorship of MCEER and the National Science Foundation (NSF), in Los Angeles at the Radisson Hotel Midtown, across from University of Southern California (USC) campus,  March 2-3, 2000.  This explored the state-of-the-art field applications of nondestructive inspection and health monitoring technology including remote sensing techniques, for the purpose of mitigating urban earthquake disasters.  Innovative applications of the technologies, either actually implemented or having high potential of implementation in civil infrastructure systems, were emphasized.  Two discussion sessions of generous duration provided a forum for critical review and exchange of ideas among all the participants for breakthrough applications of the technologies.  Future MEDAT workshops will address additional applications of these and other advanced technologies.